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Bulbasaur (~15 blocks big) - Relatively small and easy (+litematic)!

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Pokédex entry #001 - Bulbasaur (フシギダネ)

I am on the mission to create a world full of Pokémon and that's my first!

I created it relatively small - so it remains small when I will build bigger Pokémon next to it!
Also, being just around 15 blocks tall - it's very easy build but spacious enough inside to have a base! I know it looks a little bit derpy - but it's kinda adorable and I like it!

Watch my video where I show how I created it - there are other versions of Bulbasaur as well. If you like different version and want me to include their schematic - just let me know in the comments! I have bigger and more detailed versions.

Just to note - vines are not included in schematic, just Bulbasaur body. So you can add your own vines. The download file is .litematic file, it may be slightly different from the photo but not by much :)

You can freely use it for your builds, but please remember to properly reference it if used publicly. If you use it on YouTube, you should mention "by Demon Crafter" in the video and put this link in the description. Thank you!

More Pokémon are coming soon!

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