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'Burning Star' Class Battleship; spaceship build.

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Level 28 : Expert Architect


After many years of producing large fleets of small and medium frigates and destroyers, the New Ryofya Union's newly formalized Star Navy required a larger class of vessel, one worthy of being called a battleship, as it was clear that tensions with the neighboring NSU, who held a technological advantage, were only heating up.

While not the largest ship in the galaxy by any means, the 'Burning Star' class drew inspiration from the forerunner empire that once inhabited this region of the galaxy, by condensing technology down while increasing overall effectiveness. One 'Burning Star' battleship carries the same effective firepower as three 'Vulcan' destroyers, now formerly the most powerful class of ship the NRUSN had, and even outsized many carrier ships.

Length; 188 meters (blocks)
-24 Mk.3 Laz-flak guns.
-12 Mk.5 Buster turrets.
-8 Missile silos, with both conventional and thermonuclear capabilities.
Progress100% complete

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08/19/2022 11:55 am
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
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U have a Big Fantasy, Well Done ^^
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