BX Fictional Bomber

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avatar Sunshine Cruise Line
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Well, hey, I'm back with this BX Bomber! It is a completely fictional bomber I designed and built, although it is inspired by the English Electric Canberra and the Ilyushin Il-28. It took me a lot of time to build, and I think it turned out pretty good. If you don't think so, feel free to tell me whats wrong! And if you agree, be sure to diamond and favorite it! :D

P.S.: I am currently working on a relatively small but detailed ship which will be finished in some weeks. It is a 1960s car ferry. Also, it will be my first ship with the new 1.12 blocks! If you want to see how it looks like atm (its unfinished though), you can join my server (SunshineCruiseLine.net) and ask to see it! :D
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