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Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
For about the past 6 years I have worked on the same single player world. In that time Minecraft has seen HUGE changes. With the introduction of the new nether in 1.16, the time has finally come to restart my world, and create something all together different.
Inspired by the epic Hermitcraft S7 seed, I am transforming the huge mushroom island at spawn into a living, breathing pirate island.
This map will be my first adventure into the incredible FAWE, and Voxelsniper plugins.

***A world download will be made available once there is something interesting to see - STAY TUNED!***

The Plan:
Caldera is a volcanic island in the center of a large ocean, featuring lush (custom) tropical vegetation, plenty of water features, and a spacious cove - mostly hidden from the surrounding views. The central cove will become the site of the shanty town of Pariah. Consisting primarily of repurposed shipwrecks, rustic docks, patchwork designs and will extend into a substantial underground cave biome.

I want to create a couple things:
2 new custom "biomes": Tropical and Crystal Caves (underground, possibly underwater)... I use the word biome because I want to maintain as close to a vanilla template as possible, while making them entirely unique. (little to no overpowered blocks). This map will become a new start for a vanilla survival world.
Tropical- To include Beaches, Volcanos (and smaller vents), waterfalls, custom tree types and mushrooms(TBA), Emerald ore generation like the Mountains biome, and gold rates similar to Mesa.
    -Structures: Subtle skulls in the rocks formations, spiky volcanic vent features,
    -Pirate Village (modified vanilla-style village containing similar features but totally different designs)
Crystal Caves- Still working out details, but I'm liking the idea of extending the cave network down underwater into a hidden beautiful cave network of corals and crystals. I have currently sketched out 3 different crystal formations (red geometric (inspired by Subnautica), blue pointed (quartz-like), and green veins in the walls (inspired by Iskallium).

- First Post: Terraforming stage, just trying to lay out the general feel and atmosphere.
-Update 1: Foundations, Ores, and Skull-Cave (see update #1)

Feedback and suggestions welcome! ...What does a good pirate hideout need?
Progress15% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - Foundations : 08/16/2020 2:59:08 pmAug 16th

Having the basic profile started, I realized that for a survival world I would need to replace the ores... which turned out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Information on how this could be done is very difficult to find on the net, so I thought I would detail my process here for those who are interested. First, I took a sampling of various local biomes and decided on the distribution I wanted. I want to stick as closely as possible to vanilla rates , but bring a bit of flavor to the biome. I decided I would add emeralds to my list at the same rate as found in the Mountains, and increase the gold rates to match the Mesa. This IS a pirate cove after all.
Sampling of vanilla ore rates found in various biomes, in order to determine custom rates to emulate

  Next, I did my best to match the natural clustering found in vanilla. Unfortunately I wasn't able to isolate the individual chunks, but I nailed the rates to exactly where I want them. In the end I think this actually adds character to the custom biome having ores generate in a different style while maintaining basically the same rates.

  For those who are interested, here is my methodology: (Fast Async World Edit required)
//mask stone (and maybe everything else? Paint back over later?)
//replace stone #simplex[​10][​88.8%stone,11.2%diamond_block]
//replace diamond_block 42%coal_ore,25%iron_ore,8%redstone_ore,16%gold_ore,1%lapis_ore,1%emerald_ore,1%diamond_ore

  Of course, I later remove the diamond above y=15, but I did decide to leave in the other "low" ores throughout the y values for asthetic reasons. Personally, I never have a strip mine within my main area anyway, and anyone that may want to change this for their own use can go ahead. (//replace <whatever you want to get rid of> <with whatever you want to change to>)

Custom ore rates for a world I am working on.  Diamond is later isolated to y<15

  Then, moving on to the stone itself, I gave myself much more leeway to change the vanilla generation in favor of something more beautiful:
//replace stone #simplex[​8][​60%stone,40%andesite]
//replace stone #simplex[​7][​75%stone,25%gravel]
//replace andesite #simplex[​5][​85%andesite,25%cobblestone]
//replace andesite #simplex[​11][​70%andesite,25%granite,5%diorite]

  I later pulled out the diorite from this algorithm, as I found a much more interesting way to implement it (stay tuned, it actually makes diorite look awesome!)

  Time to move on to laying the groundwork of the island. I went around the island laying down an overlay of dirt 3 layers deep over the surfaces that will become grass. This helped better visualize the layout of the cove, and led me to build up many areas, and pull the heights up quite a bit. Then I changed the topmost layer to grass.
  Lastly, for this update, I sculpted the obligatory "skull-cave" centerpiece, and started to dig out and join up some of the underground caves to the entrances I've established.
  So this is where I am, pictured below. Note: I have not introduced the ores yet, as I am still shaping and do not want to "pull out" more ores as I do.
Foundations are shaping up!

Please, share your thoughts and ideas!

08/22/2020 12:33 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
if i may ask I want to know when the build will be don I love the sorts of things.
08/23/2020 2:11 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
Making huge progress, but plenty left to do. I'm working out a tree pallet now, which will probably be the next update. I'm still learning the plugins, so it might be a couple months yet...
In the meantime, I'll post a couple cool things from my previous survival world tomorrow.
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