Casino Gambling Device

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avatar Beorn725
Level 25 : Expert Bear
A redstone gambling device with 240-300 combinations. There are three buttons, you push each in succession, either one button lights up, or two, or THREE. you want all the results two matches up, like the games with the cherry, the seven, or the coin.

::How it works::

You click the button, a randomizer (works on stackable, and unstackable items), either put out a 1 strong redstone pulse, or two strong redstone pulse. which is detected by an observer if it's one, if it's two it fires another randomizer, and that decides if two or three lights light up.


1 light-50%
2 or 3 lights-25%
2 of the same-less than 6%
3 of the same (win)- less than 0.75 of 1%

P.S. Is my math any good?, I doubt it as I got multiple answers for some of them. lol :)
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