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Cats riding pigs migration (palico's on poogie's)

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avatar eagoy
Level 51 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
or for the monster hunters here: the migration of the palico’s (or felyne comrades for the older generation players) on poogie’s – so no straighjackets are (not yet) necessary here as these are based on existing stuff

This is my entry for TWO contests:
1: PMC Nether Build Contest
2: AmyOak’s Butterfly Build Contest

Note, the file save contains TWO world files.
1: For PMC nether build contest with surroundings in 1.16.X
2: inside additional zip-file only the butterfly with avatar of mine in 1.14.X

A not so fluid *.gif around my build

PMC Nether Build Contest - Story time:

“It had seemed an eternity since the brave first expedition had gone through the portal. Since then, many springs had passed, each seemingly weaker and weaker to the ravages of winter. Calm had once again returned to the village, not the same calm, but a sort of new normal. The occasional shriek or grunt that came from beyond the portal was largely ignored. Villagers had largely returned to their daily routines, and the memory of the initial expedition were all but lost.

When at long last the explorers returned from the Nether, the villagers could scarcely believe their eyes. For all the years that they had been gone, they had not aged one day! However, their biggest shock was yet to come.”

Timmy could not believe his eyes, fellow villagers he only knew from the stories of his parents, were alive in front of his young - glistening - eyes. At school, Timmy's thoughts constantly drifted to the adventurers. After school ended, Timmy was unable to control his curiosity and decided to follow the adventurers.

After some research - and snapping an apple in the meantime - Timmy found them at the blacksmith's. Looking through a window, he saw how the blacksmith was testing an unknown material. The blacksmith looked as if he had seen a ghost and murmured that it was impossible for a material to be stronger than diamond.

After his evening meal at home - and getting scolded for not arriving home on time - Timmy crept out of the house looking for the adventurers again. This time he found them at the pig pasture. The adventurers did not seem at all afraid of the large pigs, even though the village elder had difficulty with those. Timmy did find it strange that they looked up every time a pig started walking, as if the pigs could fly.

Ding dong ...

The village bell rang. At the same time, Timmy started to smell food and heard the sound of a crackling fire begin to blaze and grow into a mighty campfire, the size of his own house.

Timmy rushed to the village square to get a good spot. After some pushing and wringing, he had secured a nice spot. He took it for granted that he was sitting next to that one person in the village who smelled of cow dung all the time.

The adventurers began to tell how they spent the early days in the "nether". How the rhythm went through the absence of the day / night cycle; securing food and drink; how they slowly found and followed unknown elements.

At this point, Timmy started to listen extra carefully and took on an extra piece of food.

They told how they were getting closer and closer; expelled monsters that the villagers did not know; how they slowly got tired into the deepest bones of their bodies; to the point where they encountered a vast open space, the size of the entire village including the fields surrounding it. The adventurers decided to make camp in a hollow further away. They rested in that space. Time later, minimal rested, they set off. As they got closer, 2 contours slowly became more visible. Once upon the edge of the lava lake, they could see 2 gigantic portals. These were so large that all buildings of the village could pass through it at once.

After a bit more food and drink they continued to tell what these portals looked like. One was of material as dark as a moonless night, which seemed more indestructible than diamond (ah, Timmy thought "so that's where they got that material at the blacksmith"). The gate turned out to be overgrown by affected obsidian, what they have come to call crying obsidian. Named after the crying whispers they started to hear. In addition, they saw the clouds of smoke that came off the portal as not a good sign.

After some sips of drinking the telling continued. The other portal turned out to be of two types of “grass”, blue and red. They told how these were intertwined and that smoke also came out of this.

Timmy looked up to see the adventurers' faces exchanging glances with disbelief. As if we wouldn't believe the next part of the story.

They continued to tell. After exploring the two portals, they retreated to rest. Halfway through the 1st watch, they were startled by sounds they thought to be impossible. Hissing, strong gusts of wind, sounds of pigs and cats. They looked at each other if they had not all lost their minds. The camp was hastily packed up and they proceeded with speed and caution to the open space. Once there, the mouths fell to the floor in surprise and disbelief.
What they saw were flying motorized balloons with pigs ridden by cats in armor. Flying further ahead was an almost mechanical butterfly, from which drops of water, yes water in the "nether" came off. At the bottom carried by this butterfly was a pig with a crown and a cat in a suit of armor that also held out a weapon like a general commanding his army.
Further on towards the blue / red portal they saw flying pigs with angelic wings.

After the procession was over and the adventurers came out of their shock, they decided to return to the village. The fatigue was overwhelming, longing for normal food and fear for their own mental health.

They continued to tell, but Timmy couldn't get it anymore. He had fallen asleep and dreamed what this space would have looked like.

Butterfly Build Contest - Design thoughts

Since the second contest I am entering is all about butterflies, my entry is logical wise going to be a butterfly for both.

One of the prizes in this contest is that your avatar is recreated as a statue and being added to this project collection .The participants butterflies will be added in the surroundings. So here I thought “why don’t I sneak my avatar into the butterfly?”

For the avatar I decided to make it in gravity-only blocks. My first community contest was to make a build in only gravity-blocks (sand/gravel and not much more), since it has been a while for me. It seemed fun to me to make it that way.

Note: AmyOak designs the avatars without facial expressions. With that in mind I tried to keep it that way in my build to not make eyes/mouths and such on the butterfly, palico's & poogie's.

Butterfly with "flying wings"
While thinking about what kind of butterfly I would like to make, I wondered if I could make it ‘flying’. So I started tinkering with some flying machines. After some trial & error I got it working (keep watching the wings in the *.gif).

Since the default provided butterflies would be drastic redone to fit those flying wings, I simply made one from scratch.

Re-basing to the nether
In the meantime, the PMC Nether Build Contest went live. Since I had this idea already, I rather stuck with it than throw it away. With some back & forth I changed my building site to the nether in 1.14.X (for being include-able in the project collection) . When I was done with the butterfly I made a separate save-file & updated that one to 1.16.X to make it surroundings for more "stuff" in the PMC contest.

Additional stuff for the PMC contest

Since I added the two gates, only the butterfly in between it felt so sparse. I decided to add more wacky/cuteness by making more poogie's with palico's on top. Which is in line with a past PMC build contest entry of mine the "Daracuga". Funny enough, that build contains also Monster Hunter elements.

Project basics:
- Minecraft 1.16.X & 1.14.X (inside additional zip-file; butterfly only)
- "Front picture & *.gif" created / edited with: Gimp (presentation is not the way I wanted - yet -, the nether seems to have some pesky stuff (default fog at 12 chunks or something) that throws me off.
- No redistribution WITH download link, link instead back to this page to download from.

Personally I appreciate more a thoughtful comment than a diamond.
So leave a comment if you like, having a question or not and say why :-)


Here I am hoping. That my chances for both contest doesn’t drop. Like my avatar does in the lava to become instant burned bacon, for making one entry to fit two contests...
Progress100% complete

07/12/2020 4:37 amhistory
Level 42 : Master Slime Tamer
This is incredible, I cant add this to the diorama. as much as I would love to because it is in 1.16 but that does'nt mean you cant still win

Edit: Ive imported it, The wings flying is incredible. well done :D
07/12/2020 5:17 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
Glad you like it, the flying wings can be a bit lagging behind if you're to far away due to the block updates.
But, nice to know you have managed to import it.

Thanks for the support (comment/diamond/etc.) :-)
07/12/2020 5:19 am
Level 42 : Master Slime Tamer
I dont have it running because of the lag as you said but its still really impressive
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