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[CTM] ChaosKraft 2: Lands Of Legend

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ChaosKraft 2: Lands Of Legend is the sequel to ChaosKraft 1: Living Nightmares (though having played that map is neither necessary nor recommended). CK2 is a Cmplete the Monument (CTM) map that features a big Open World with unique dungeons and landscapes, filled with custom mobs and loot, for you to explore, be it alone or in multiplayer. The map's difficulty starts easy though as you get closer to the end it does get pretty challenging. Good luck on your adventure and have fun playing!

-For 1.15.2
-Difficulty: Medium (keep in mind that even easy CTMs are a big challenge for players new to the genre, as they're maps focused on much harder combat than vanilla Minecraft)
-Length: Long (Over 20 hours for most players)
-Multiplayer Friendly
-Additional information and rules inside the map.

Download available in the CTM Repository!
Link: https://ctmrepository.com/index.php?action=viewMap&id=229

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