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Cheraro, the Marble City

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Francesco_Sforza avatar Francesco_Sforza
Level 26 : Expert Architect
Cheraro is a city located in the mountains, not far from the Abbazia Vecchia village ( Its origins date back to the Roman Empire, when the first quarries were established (the only structure remaining from this period is a small aqueduct). Later the area was desetred and in middle ages it eventually became repopulated as an independent city-state. The small republic maintained good relationships with Racigliano, selling their marble in exchange for grain, wines and other valuable goods.
However, the situation changed with the arrival of Egidio Buoncontenti, a noble who obtained a title of count from the Emperor and, thanks to his authority and intelligence, introduced a tyrannical rule of his family. His son and grandson turned out to be less successful politicians, their rule became more and more oppressive and they declared war upon their bigger neighbour, in order to conquer it. Obvoiusly they did not have chance, since Racigliano quickly closed its trade routes for the cherrarese merchants and the population began to starve. Shortly before the final assault of the bigger state (supported by its venetian allies) the citizens killed the tyrant and opened the gates for new rulers.
The situation of the city did not improve significantly. Nowadays, a century after the war, it's ruled by absolutely loyal (and incapable) Podestà, elected by the doge with an approval of the Signoria. Its famous marble quarries ale mostly closed and many citizens migrate seeking better life conditions. Even though, it's still the second-most important settlement in the Repubblica, and there are many interesting monuments from its magnificent past (which will be surely described in a more detailed way in the forthcoming submissions).
The city is divided into two districts ('Vecchio' and 'Castello')The name 'Cheraro" derives from Carrara in Tuscany (famous for its marble) and Ferrara (because some key structures are similar). A large number of civic towers recalls somehow those built at San Gimignano.
If You'd like to see the whole project I advise to refer to my prievous submission, or to click the link indicated below.
The screens presented here have been made on Minecraft PE v.1.2.9. using Ovos Rustic Redemption and Alto Shader texture packs.
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