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Chest With Diamond Swords, Knockback II through MMCVI!

avatar UltraX8
Level 21 : Expert Toast
It's a world using the seed C4, which AntVenom reviewed recently, nothing special there. But there is some soulsand for placing pigs on, and a trapdoor for squid! 'Wut?', you say? As I would expect. There is a chest next to the soulsand with an infinite supply of pig eggs and squid eggs! 'Boring...', you say? So far, sure. But keep listening. There are signs! 'OH MY GOD IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD', you say? I appreciate the sarcasm. But seriously, this is the real exciting part:
The chest contains diamond swords! Not just any though, one with Knockback II, one with Knockback V, one with Knockback X, one with Knockback XX, one with Knockback XXXII, one with Knockback LXIV, one with Knockback CXXVIII, and one with Knockback CCLVI! 'Holy mother of flying cupcakes and dinosaur cookies! That's awesome!', you say? I know right?! It's hilarious too!

This is to make up for my lack of entries at the moment, just for kicks. The location is ideal for flying off and finding your animals too, though Knockback MMCVI seems to send them so far they despawn xD

I was inspired to do this when someone on the server I play on mentioned they thought it would be funny if they actually got Knockback X. I was like 'Ever heard of Knockback MMCVI?', and this idea was born. The server will be included in the server section.

Additional Notes

Due to the fact that no enchantment legitimately goes above 10, or X, anything above that comes up in a strange format when you hover over it, including the actual number. Also, below I'll list the values of the Roman Numerals I used. (Thanks to BetaEdit for pointing out my typos whilst noting the values of my Roman Numerals)

II = 2
V = 5
X = 10
XX = 20
XXXII = 32
LXIV = 64
CCLVI = 256
Progress100% complete

05/31/2012 8:48 am
Level 39 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
LoL and why wasn't I told about this when we were playing the map together XD
LoLjks but nice find!
Diamond for u my man(no gay thou)
06/02/2012 3:49 am
Level 21 : Expert Toast
1. Haha it wasn't there in that copy of the map :P
2. It's not a find, I made it myself...
3. You used 'No gay though' incorrectly, that only applies when the term 'love' is in use xD
05/31/2012 7:53 am
Level 40 : Master Robot
CXIV = 64
MMCVI = 256

^Those are not correct, 64 = LXIV, 128 = CXXVIII, 256 = CCLVI.
Just saying :P
06/02/2012 3:45 am
Level 21 : Expert Toast
Oh haha sorry, I typed this in a hurry and didn't go over the Roman Numerals correctly when I typed them up xD
Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it :P
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