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CHICAGO (Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition)

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You can also check out my previous world, a recreation of downtown Dallas:

The Loop (Chicago) on a much larger scale than the Dallas build. Note that this world IS incomplete, however has progressed drastically. This project began in April, 2017, and has continued to grow and change ever since. I also made a video regarding the world, which took a bit of a more visual turn. I would also appreciate if you guys can subscribe to my channel!

YouTube Video/Channel: https://youtu.be/pJSa2ao4YGQ

The same limitations and restrictions apply onto this build; that being that because this build is on console, all buildings were made block for block, render distance being not too distant, and map size (superflat) being limited.

This time, I provided more pictures and views that the video may not depict. Subscribe to my YouTube channel! All feedback is appreciated, good/bad.

Edit: YouTube took down my video due to copyrght infringement, so here's the video (without audio) https://youtu.be/pJSa2ao4YGQ
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