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Christmas Clash || A 4-Player PvP Game

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McMakistein avatar McMakistein
Level 88 : Elite Engineer
Minecraft Version:
This map is currently only tested for 1.8.1

Legal Permission:
If are uploading footage of this game to Youtube, put the link of the Trailer as well as the Downloadlink in your description!

This map only works for exactly 4 players.

ChristmasClash is a fast-paced 4-player PvP Game. The Goal is simple: Decorate the Christmastree quicker than the other team!

Each team consists of 1 Elf and 1 Grinch:

Elves: They
have to find the randomly spawning Ornaments and put them on the
Christmastree. (Ornaments can be picked up and placed by rightclicking)
For every Ornament placed on the tree the team will be rewarded with one
point. Once a team reaches 5 points the Elf has to put the Star (found
in a tower on the map) on top of the tree in order to win the game.

It is their job to prevent the Elf from the other team from getting the
Ornaments and putting them on the tree. They can neither hit each other
nor get near the tree. They can't pick up Ornaments BUT destroy them by
rightclicking them. They will get random gadgets in order to kill the
other Elf or support the one on their team. If on the Archery-tower they
will have unlimited arrows.

Server Information:

This map is NOT compatible with Bukkit.

Please report bugs as soon as possible! As I wanted to release this map
on December 24th, I got into a little bit of stress and the map could
not be tested to its full extent.

Improvement ideas:
If you feel that the game is unbalanced or if you have any other ideas
on how to improve the game, feel free to message me on Youtube or leave a
comment on the trailer!

If you are recording footage of this map, be sure to give me Credit by following this guide: http://lemoesh.com/attribution/

Also make sure to share your gameplays with me, as I'd be highly interested in them! :D

I hope you enjoy the map and Merry Christmas! ♥
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