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Basilica of St John at Euphesus

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This is my 1:1 scale speculative reconstruction of the basilica of st john as it is thought to have appeared in the 6th century after emperor justinians reconstruction .little is known about the basilica but it was considered to be one of the holiest in asia minor and one of the most important basilicas outside of Constantinople being a rival to the church of the holy apostles there.its construction was unusual at the time because of its mix of stone and brick. i decided to make 2 versions available in the download, one with the model landscaping and one without it

- Some history
The church was constructed in 548 and finished in 564 by emperor Justinian to replace the existing small basilica that was falling apart due to old age on the location that the apostle john is said to have died and ascended to heaven at with the tomb being under the main dome .the basilica remained a popular christian pilgrimage site until the 14th century when a major earthquake in the area caused the church to collapse

Please enjoy and hope it inspires some more
roman builds, you can use it for anything you want just give me credit
for building it
Creditst john at euphesus museum floorplan and model,the byzantine legacy,biblical artifacts in euphesus article
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