Circus Circus Hotel/Casino


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Level 30 : Artisan Network
This Project is part of the Build Challenge Month on the JumanjiCraft server!

The chosen build is minecraft construction of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!

This project is headed by SnowfallenAngel and is being built by Feruko, Panth141, twixandoreo1, MAOJ1001, Rwina_WasBeer, maxlem, TinatiousDfan, MelodyErin, MagicxFrog007x, DarkAbbyss, evony6666 , Cobbleman15, testdrive10, acitynamedgray, ladapoe, meri01 and SnowfallenAngel.

If you want to give us a hand log in and ask SnowfallenAngel!

What is JumanjiCraft? IP: MC-JC.COM

At first the ancient jungle ruins look uninhabited but as you creep pass the vines, sword in hand, you come across treasures beyond your wildest dreams. You have found JumanjiCraft. We are a survival towny server with a lot to offer. We have weekly contests, helpful staff, friendly players making any time your spend on our server, fun time. Exciting ranks can also be bought on the server website, www.JumanjiCraft.com, which give you cool perks such as fly, superpickaxe, multiple homes, pokeballs and most recently - Skyblock!

If you like building, come along and join us in the multiple builds that we have going this month! The more the merrier!
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