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City Barracks with Stables

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Level 49 : Master Architect
So here's another resource for city-builders: a small guards barracks with attached stables, well and even a bit of wall. With room for a half-dozen soldiers, it's just the thing to keep whatever passes for law'n'order in the Dark Ages. Built to the same scale as my other designs, the building is fully furnished.

I am making this schematic available to the public so others can use them in projects of their own.

Feedback is very welcome so leave a comment if you find this interesting or useful.

As with all my designs, best used with the JohnSmithLegacy texture pack.

Like this design? Check out my Walled Medieval Town, my Motte & Bailey Castle, the Abandoned Farm, the Greenfeathers Inn and the Hill Manor. Or check out my Valley of the Knock landscape or any of my other dozen-plus designs.

You are welcome to use this design in any non-commercial mod or design of your own. All I ask is that you give me proper attribution and, if you make your work available to the public, I ask that you send me a link.
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07/23/2018 10:03 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Princess

We've started a new 1.13 world for our program. With the introduction of phantoms, the ability to sleep is crucial. This was the first thing I build on our new server. I hope it is helpful to our citizens as they try to establish themselves in this strange, new world.

Thanks for sharing your designs. I love your style!
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