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City of Vanguard Update 1.7.2 (Terminated) Updated Save

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pcorb47 avatar pcorb47
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Guys, before you get exited, I posted this minor update as an announcement. I am sorry to say that this city should be postponed until further notice.Here's why: I havealways been usiing offline1.5 minecraft for as long as it came out. Then I asked my friend if he could update it without me getting an account. It worked and I began to construct using a lot of colored clay. However, one day I had been signed out of his account. I tried to skype him, but he hasnt picked up in over 2 months. Unless anyone can help me, this maybe Vanguard's last update. For the historical last update I have included the new update. However, I started Seago after this whole ordeal, so that will be my main project. Since this project has been terminated, so has the port and the stadium project so far. I am sorry for all this, but if someone can help me get 1.7 again, i promise I will continue.

This is the second city that I have made in Bjuterias. It is not yet complete. This is currently my largest city out of the 7 that I have made so far in minecraft. One of my other cities, Fragaquar, will be larger than this when complete. This city is divided into two neighborhoods: Downtown, which is in the extreme hills biome, and Occidental Conference. Anotherm named Castle Rock is also planned! Look here for more info about Bjuterias County: Bjuterias County Blog Thank you for your support and please give feedback! Here are the list of buildings in each so far [Anything Highlighted in Green is new this update, orange means completed, and anything in Blue has been worked on or updated]:

511 Highway

U-Tech Human Resources (Building with parking lot)
Downtown Vanguard Train Station
L.Lasdie Marketing Headquarters (Tallest Building in Downtown)
Grand Vanguardian Hotel (Light Blue & White Uncompleted Building)
L.Geetha Coffee (Building with rainforest wood)
Vanguard Port (So far, only the blue and white arch)
Gazanthur Properties (Orange and Blue Building)
Pirates of Vanguard City Ride (Cannot See)
Balazi Foods Co. (In the back, hard to see, made of stone, white, red wool)
Manchus Apartments (So far 2-story apartment complex) 
Sunburst Bank (Red and Orange Building)
City Hall (Quartz building, far from complete)
Vanguard Customs Department (Weird White shaped building under Arch)
Yorkenshire Bread Co (Next to Gazanthur)
L.Lasdie Store (Green and Blue next to hotel)
Cliff House (Not pictured)
Caymean Apartments (Under Construction)
Port Restaurant
Centaur Sports
Port Plaza
Land Plot 
2 Land Plots for Boutiques
Caymean Plaza
Adoblin's Gazette Building (Frame 10%)
Paper Inc. (Not Visible, built into mountain)
Morsoli Shoes (Grey and Yellow under train tracks)
R&Y Clothing Co. (Elevated, next to tracks)

Coalition Building for Roads
Community Center 
House 1 (White)
House 2 (Orange and Green)
Manchus Mini Market (Next to House 1)
Occidental Conference Train Station (Yellow and White Building)
Aguaos Beach
Pantote Building (Not Completed)
GF Factory (Complete)
Gardenias Tower (tallest Building in Vanguard)
Vanguard Stadium (Frame)
Mangrove Tower ( 3% complete) [When completed, to be tallest building in Vanguard]
Snack Shack
One Segoe Apartments
Balazi Foods Campus 
Main Building 
Side Building
Seating Area
Shipping Plant
Balazi Museum

Comming Soon!
Antioch Restaurant Approved / Planned
Vanguard Int. Airport Pending Approval
One Segoe Apartments Under Construction
2 Houses Planned
Occidental Bell College Postponed
Vanguard Stadium Pending
Balazi Foods Shopping Mall Planning
Segoe Shopping Center Postponed
Occidental Conference Parking Garage Planning

Mangrove Tower Under Construction

Progress50% complete

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Update #15 [1.7.2 LAST UPDATE] : by pcorb47 10/05/2014 2:12:50 amOct 5th, 2014

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10/11/2014 12:08 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
[FatNyanCat] avatar
Cool men :)
03/27/2014 2:30 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
pcorb47 avatar
Thanks! After this, I will post two more cities: Murelio and Fragaquar and continue to put up photos. Stay watching, I will add more in the future as well as finishing Algernon HQ. Thanks for your feedback! :)
03/27/2014 2:21 am
Level 23 : Expert Ninja
Toto-5678 avatar
I am on my iPad but tomorrow this is a must see I love it I see u put a lot of work into it I favourited and gave a diamond subscribed and if u can check out my work too! Good job man!
03/30/2014 10:38 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
pcorb47 avatar
Thank You
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