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Classical Retreat (Vanilla 1.19.2)

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Peculiar-Gemini's Avatar Peculiar-Gemini
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Architect
Version: 1.19.2

Resource Pack: Amberstone (V 4.50)

Mods: None

Shader: BSL

Architectural Style: Neo-Classical, Romanesque, Greco-Roman, Georgian

Function: Community lot, Residence, Retreat, storage facility

Schematic? Exclusively (With the original flat world canvas)

Short Description:

Playing around with small to moderately scaled builds are fun and time efficient, but nothing beats the extend and potential of a large construct, an ambition here manifest with an absolutely beautiful Resource Pack.
The inspiration for this large build came from a spontaneous spark of creativity while fiddling with some ideas for a pillar design. When the façade appeared, I knew something was busy brewing that needed tending. So, I progressively nudged the idea and came up with a complex classical-style build that towered my character with robust features.
Trying to point out the nooks and crannies will be a lengthy affair, so I'll simplify the details by pointing out the key features of concern and import. Thus, the build comprise-

Build Composition:

-Two large bedrooms that acts as master quarters
-Lounge area
-Large tiled courtyard
-Large swimming pool
-Outdoor informal dining area
-Ten balconies that acts as beautiful lookouts or vantage points
-Massive fountain with surrounding elements
-Scattered outdoor seating for a hiatus
-Four restrooms with two smaller extras for those with a buggy wee wee
-Two indoor Jacuzzis
-Entertainment room
-Conference Room
-Storage rooms

Concerning Amberstone: (Pros)

I'm sure some players already familiarized themselves with Amberstone since the good ol’ 1.12.2 days. For newer players however, this Resource Pack offers a lot more then high-resolution textures and flashy colors. This RP unapologetically boasts a beautiful catalog of 3D models, noteworthy block gradients, quality replacements for defaults, and elegantly connected textures that can be refined into something sensational.
The RP also takes the user's performance into consideration by offering them a range of three textural choices; ultra-lite (64x64), lite (64x64), and high resolution (x128).

Concerning Amberstone: (Cons)

1) Some of the default replacements are too overhauled to identify the correlation with the original object. Making it somewhat difficult to find a furnace that might have been converted to an air-conditioner.

2) Performance hungry when too many of their models are rendered in your FOV (x128 version). Especially when it's in a tightly knit area.

3) Though worth it, some models need to be imported with command prompts.


A Texture Pack that simply can't avoid the radar of those fond of modern and classical architecture. It's a truly stunning environment for a creative, considerable for survival, and generally forgiving on performance for older machines with sensible Optifine toggles. Hopefully my build lends credence to this testimony.


You just read more than 400 words. You need no such thing!

Tip take II:

Command blocks offers a whole new world to an already beautiful default Minecraft experience. Tedious to grasp at times, but incredibly handy in all facets of the game. Try to invest some interest in their functionality, and you'll soon realize that this game has a lot more to offer than chopping up zombies and stacking block.

Quote, because why not:
"For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories"

New Builder Guide Posts:

Understanding command blocks:

Placing schematics:

World Edit:

World Painter:

Free building manuals:
CreditWorldEdit, Amberstone, All my Patreons, and the entire community for the support and inspiration!
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by Peculiar-Gemini 11/16/2022 5:21:30 amNov 16th, 2022

Quickly compiled files into a neat/updated zip format.

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11/16/2022 2:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Xerox_97's Avatar
pls do this with mediafire
11/27/2022 1:51 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Architect
Peculiar-Gemini's Avatar
I'm pretty sure you'll figure out why the build is not posted on MediaFire. Send me your email and I'll make an exception for you with one Patreon build man.