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Cloud Boots (Swift Boots) in vanilla

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avatar Naravolian_DB
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
I have made Cloud Boots (also known as Swift Boots and Wing Boots) in vanilla Minecraft! When you wear this pair of boots you will become a lot more faster! You will even be able to run on water!

How does this work?:

It is recommended that you watch the video before reading this. I made this concept using 1.8 commands. You have to play on Minecraft version 1.8 or above in order for this to work. 

A command block is testing for players with the score "cloudboots" on at least one. When it detects a player it activates a comparator that activates command blocks that will give the player speed 10 and jump boost 4. When the players takes of the boots the effects will be removed. 

You can also move fast in water. This was done thanks to the depth strider enchantment. Of course the level of the depth strider enchantment is more than what you can get in survival. The reason you can not see the enchantment on the boots is because of the hide flags option. The boots also has feather falling so that the player will take less damage from jumping. 

If you are using the world from the world download you can just press a button to get started. If you are importing the machine with MCEdit you have to replace every redstone block inside the machine. You also have to type in these commands before you can begin:

/scoreboard objectives add cloudboots dummy
/gamerule commandBlockOutput false (this one is not required for the machine to work, but it is recommended that you execute this command anyways.)

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