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Colossus (4th place in SK winter contest)

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How to find on server: /build tp 684

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Colossus (4th place in SK winter contest) Minecraft Map
Today I present to you a winter contest build - Colossus. I built this over a period of roughly 4 weeks, mostly during the Christmas break, and I must admit I am quite proud of the result. This build was for me all about stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with brand new concepts and ideas. In the end it reached 4th place in the contest (see the results here), which was hosted on the SK creative server. Below I will try to explain the ideas and thoughts behind each part of the build.

About the terrain
As an aspiring geologist, it always pained me to see terribly unrealistic terrain in Minecraft. As such, I took it upon myself to try an entirely different approach, in which the geologic strata are clearly visible. These layers have been folded heavily due to tectonic stresses in the earth, giving them an almost organic shape. I also included a reverse fault, which is a compressional fracture with clear displacement visible along the fracture line. If you look closely you can see such displacement along a slanted line in the left portion of the cliff. Next to the cliff I also included a frozen waterfall, so as to complement the composition with different levels.

About the mammoth
From the start my plan for this plot was to build a mammoth (my original idea was to put an inn on top of its back!), because I thought it would fit the theme of the contest very well. On top of that, I really wanted to practice more with organics. To build the mammoth I used mostly the technique of wire-framing; for the tusks I used voxel initially and smoothed by hand. As such, the mammoth was built largely by hand. Texturing was done with GoPaint (MC has an absolutely gorgeous array of brown textures!).

About the northern lights
These were mostly an afterthought; I knew that the plot missed something, compositionally speaking; I think they turned out alright, although it is a shame they don't actually emit light in-game. (Luckily we can cheat in light with rendering).

Colossus (4th place in SK winter contest) Minecraft Map
I used a wide range of reference images and models, especially for the mammoth. Among these were the mammoth models from the games Skyrim and Age of Conan: Unchained, and of course, Manny from Ice Age!
Colossus (4th place in SK winter contest) Minecraft Map
From Age of Conan

From Skyrim

From Ice Age

Building Process
Below are some pictures I took during the building period, for those interested. It's mostly of the mammoth and the terrain.

Even though I have included a download on here, you can also freely visit the build on the SK creative server. To do so, please enter creative from the lobby first, then type /build tp 684. Please turn on night vision using /nv.

As for those of you who choose to download instead, see the Creative Commons license below. It should be self-explanatory, but I will summarize it for you nonetheless:
What you can do:
1. Use the build for whatever purpose on your own server, as long as you credit me by linking to this page, and no money is made from it (either directly or indirectly!)
2. Share the build, either altered or unaltered, as long as you credit me by linking to this page, and no money is made from it. It must be shared under the same terms!
3. Use the build for 3D-art related purposes outside of Minecraft (by all means, if your PC can handle it!), again: credit and non-commercial.

Please respect these terms! The license is here for a purpose; too often in this community are builds stolen or abused for financial gain.
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02/13/2021 9:26 pm
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Very cool :D
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