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Community Castle: A Minecraft Bedrock Server/Realm/Multiplayer/Singleplayer map!

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Bedrock Edition
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Level 45 : Master Spider Rider
Welcome to Community Castle.

This map is designed for Dedicated Bedrock Servers (this is what we will start playing on January 2nd, 2020 6-8pm CST), Realms, Multiplayer, or Singleplayer.

***We are getting impatient! This world will now start on Sunday 12/22/2019 at 8am CST! Come join me on Twitch to see what we do with this map.***

The concept of this map is that anywhere from 1 - 16 players build their own tower, their own design. Then build them together with a wall design to complete the Castle that surrounds a Zombie Village. The tower locations are randomly chosen. There is a Job Board, that the different players can work together on farms and whatever else you want for your castle.

Community Castle Rules:

* This map is to be played in "Hard" mode. Your strength will be working together!

* For Video,Creative, and the sake of the beautiful seed purposes, duplicating will be allowed for building materials, redstone components, and flight rockets only!

* Items not allowed to duplicate are: Armor, Weapons, Totems, Diamonds, Emeralds, etc. (any questions ask Spunkie).

* The only duplicator allowed on this map is in the center of the city. No other duplicators are allowed!

(Above can be decided by owner)

What to do on this map:

* Click the button of the dispenser to find out where your tower's position is going to be and mark with a sign that has your name on it.

* The tower's diameter is limited to the circle (31), but there is no height limit.

* The walls are a decision made between tower owners.

* The walls should be 3 thick, so we have a path to each others tower, by going through the walls. Note: the big circle is marking the walk path inside the walls.

Job Board:

* Check the Job Board, there are jobs listed on signs.

* If your interested in fulfilling the job, just remove the sign (put in chest provided, plz) and build the farm or do the job.

* Farms can be Standard or Redstone (please note Redstone Rules).

* When building farms, please make sure it is going to be big enough to support the community. For example, we would rather have 1 farm to support 8 players, as opposed to 8 separate farms.

* We should probably put farms in districts. For example, let's build all the wheat, carrot, potato, beetroot farms all near each other.

* Know a job that needs to be done or need help with a job, just post a sign on the Job Board with your name and job.

* Everyone, please keep an eye on the Job Board even if your not interested in a job currently. There could be other notices posted there also.

So, get your friends and build a Community Castle together!

Send me some screen pictures of what you and your friends came up with (Discord would be best) and I would love to show them off during my Twitch Streams.

Come join us to check out this map on www.twitch.tv/spunkiemunkie after January 2, 2020 on Tuesday, Thursday, sometimes Friday from 6-8pm CST and Sunday Mornings from 8-10am CST.

Special Thanks to SpunkieServer Players:









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MediaFire: www.mediafire.com/file/33m9u9t0b3v2wjh/CommunityCastle.mcworld/file

Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/spunkiemunkie (Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday at 6-8pm CST and Sunday 8-10am CST) Come watch how our Castle turns out!

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVK0fhzXFDtpwl-GxkdzLoQ?sub_confirmation=1

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