This Map is an entry in the completed Procedural Metropolis Contemporary Edition Project Contest.

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Comtemporary and colorful city

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Tsunami67 avatar Tsunami67
Level 44 : Master Fox


I'm participating in the latest event called "Procedural Metropolis Contest", and so here's my piece of work!
I took many examples from prototypes found on the Internet of buildings that some architects want to build, and so I got inspired by these works and I wanted to add a little touch of that in my builds!

You might notice that a lot of windows are really colorful. In the real world, we like to use plenty of different panels of colored glass so make things more "nice" to see. it also reflects light in the right color, so the house and buildings can change colors depending on the angle of the sun!

I tried making different buildings with different functions.

  • The first one is a small house, with a basement and a first-floor. It also have a nive interior with lots of grass at the top. I really wanted to add some form of "ecological" stuff on my builds, as it makes things a lot better!
  • The second one is a wide office, with the same pattern here with the different kind of glasses, as well as grass on the top and some balconies for the workers to take some fresh air.
  • The third one is a little garden for people that just want to hang out outside and enjoy the sound of the fountain in the middle

  • The fourth one is a complex house with a large garden on the front, with several floors and a roof with tables and barbecues!

  • The fifth one is a large interior swimming pool! I love swimming pools, and so I wanted to make a nice area with 2 pools, and some places to relax and enjoy the nice heat contained in this large glass dome

  • The last one is a tall building, composed of 9 small appartments. There are 2 parkings lot, and a nice walk way to get inside!

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    04/27/2020 12:21 pm
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Architect
    Uknownymous avatar
    You kept the style consistent and effective and it works so well at night with the lighting and many windows because of that- Nice. :) I like them all- but my least favourite is probably the large interior swimming pool though it is nice and most favourite is likely either the wide office or the little garden - they each have their own appeal and I'm unsure which one I'm more interested in but you've still procured something where I like it all, so nice job. :)
    04/27/2020 2:16 pm
    Level 44 : Master Fox
    Tsunami67 avatar
    Aww thank you so much for the detailed and kind comment! It means a lot! ^^
    04/27/2020 6:39 pm
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Architect
    Uknownymous avatar
    You are welcome. :) I am glad it does. :D It's nice to be able to make someone happy with honesty so- Yay. :D :)
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