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Cookie Factory Tycoon

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Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
Welcome to Cookie Factory Tycoon <1 player>. In this map you will have to get money by working in a factory, you can buy more cookie droppers, to get even more money! You can also buy weapons, armor, and some secret stuff, only way to find out is by downloading the map. Once geared up it is time to go to the Cookie Arena, where you can kill mobs... for even more money! You can also solve puzzles to get secret stuff, once again for you to find out by downloading the map.
Theres a ton more fun things to do in the map, but that won't be spoilered here.

Want to play the map before it is out of closed beta? Apply for beta tester at: https://goo.gl/forms/Zp97Nzw4NRb2tUJE2
If you want to rate the map, you can do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vvMaADUamYlDGbzuv3Bce5D71d0bhDphzV-J6S16aYo
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