Cops and Crims

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Cops n Crims
by IceJelly_

4 vs 4, pvp mode.

Protect the bomb site at all cause. WIn by eliminating the crimes team before they plant the bomb or by defusing the bomb that they have planted.


Plant the bomb at either site and protect it. Win by eliminating the cops team, or by successfully detonating the bomb till it explodes.

First team to 6 points win!


1.Standard (4 vs 4, Standard mode)

2. Free for all (No teams, fight till the time ends, or until someone reaches 20 kills)


1. Play in Adventure
2. Play in Easy+
3. Play from 2-8 players, no less or more
4. Don't dissconnect while in a match otherwise, you will not be able to join the match in progress.
5. Play in 1.16+

Cops and Crims Lite:
Low-budget servers tend to lag while running the cops and crimes map (standard edition). Thats why I created a lite version of it to play in low-budget servers (Recommended if you use aternos,etc). Tho it has some missing features such as: Free for all, Economy System, Jump effect, and minor features.

CAC Lite :

Report any bugs at:


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