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Coruscant, the largest ship ever built

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Gopo Coruscant's Avatar Gopo Coruscant
Level 22 : Expert Artist
"Coruscant", French/Latin = sparkling, shiny, glamorous.
Coruscant is the name of the biggest ship ever built in Minecraft. The process is not yet completed, as the ship is only 35%done. Regardless, this is going to be the most impressive vessel ever built.
What makes Coruscant stand out the most is its size and its innovative design. When competed, the ship will be almost two kilometers long! Given its size, the ship will be impossible to dock in any of the world's harbors, therefore it is designed to be permanently inhabited. A dream come true, indeed: living on the largest vessel ever built. It will provide everything to make it last, from its own economy, to its own tourism and navy, its own educational and sanitary system, its own political center. After all, this ship may as well be an entire new state on its own.
So, come aboard and allow me to take you on a tour. It's features are the most impressive feature, thou. So far, the ship proudly displays its "Beverly Hills" area, which is a highland with over 15 houses ready to be sold to their new inhabitants, all modern, in a space almost... surreal. The next stop on our trip on the world's largest moving object is the Lyria Bolevard, an apartment building area, which displays a wide array of blocks, with homes for everyone: duplex apartments, five rooms to one rooms apartments and pent houses. Here you will also find the two schools, a high school, an university and a hospital.
The next area is yet to be built: the business area. Here, the ones willing to open their new business, or continue their legacy over an already existing one, will be able to find more than enough space is the five skyscrapers aboard the ship. Transport will be provided by helicopter or by boat, easy to obtain, given that the ship will stand near the coastline of the world's continents and most important states.
The last sector of the ship will be defined by its harbor. The numerous dock will be home for just as many smaller ships, yachts and boats, ready to sail to, around and away from the ship.
Apart from the superior deck, the rest of the ship will be home for countless apartments, homes, restaurants, gyms, casinos, cafes and bars, libraries, businesses, a metro system, inside streets and parking lots, inside educational areas and medical centers, pools and everything you can imagine.

I don't know when this ship will be completed, because, well... it is a pretty ambitious project, so... I hope soon enough. In the meantime, you can check out my other very large ship, Gopo of the Seas.

Resource packs: Moder HD: www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/modern-hd-pack-64x-ctm-better-skies/
Jammer Craft 1.8.8
Progress35% complete

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Minecraft ship builder
08/03/2018 11:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Minecraft ship builder's Avatar
I am in the process of making a 408 block long by I believe 56 block wide cruise ship, I am hoping to attempt to model it after the carnival project pinnacle but so far only have a 4 deck hull, i'm not sure how tall the superstructure will be but I so far have put a movie theater a mess hall with a stage the bathroom and stairs up to the next decks for that section and a place to look over that mess hall. Also a large artificial forest with a stone slab path through it and HUGE pool with that path making a bridge over it. I am then planning a large amount of rooms another bathroom and another stair case up to the next decks since all of the previously listed things are in a big 2 deck high area. The next 2 decks up will probably have more bathrooms some restaurants more rooms another big pool a shopping area and a sun room located so a direct sun beam can come from way up at the top down through the probably total of 16 decks. But the sun room will be on the 4th deck and the 16 decks doesnt include underwater "work" decks. This is a cruise ship that someday I would love to stay on. There will also be a "floating" path going over the artificial forest to help which will then open into a huge room over the giant pool with a glass wall all the way across looking at the forest. By the way the forest is 54 by 98 blocks and has a river with an island running through the middle lit by glowstone covering the entire river bed. The river runs into that pool and has dolphins swimming in it. The island has a tiny pond on its highest point which causes a 1 block tall waterfall into a cascading area into the pool. Which is I believe 52 by 41 blocks. Both the forest and the pool have glowstone running up and down the walls and arching over them. The movie theater andmess hall and bathroom and hallway to all of them all have gild trimmed doorways. The staircase up to the floor looking over the mess hall, AKA deck 2, will then turn and continue up to deck 3, then turn and continue onto deck 4 where it will likely stop and a different staircase will continue up all the other floors, and same with the stair case in the back past the pool that will link most of the lower deck rooms and suites. Most of deck 3 will be rooms and most will be in the back. Only decks 3 and 4 will have any rooms in the front and thry will consist of 4 master suites on each deck and 6 rooms. On deck 4 towards the center there will be 6 suites on each side with roofed balconies and all 1,2,3,&4 will have 10 small rooms on each side in the bafk, each one 10 blocks by 20 blocks. Then 1 master suite on each side closer to the pools each one 20 by 20 feet. In the very back oddly curved area will be large baloconies with stairs behind them that lead between them and lead eventually up to the space between the two halves of the rear third of the super structure where it splits and is shadowed by the red and blue glass that was part of the carnival project pinnacle cruise. From the top there will be a mine cart track "slide" all the way down to the 5th deck, or alos known as the first deck aabove the hull, and the one with a very large shopping mall area in the middle of the two separate areas of boat in the back. There will be stairs between every balcony that will accompany every room on those rear half "spikes". And in front of the huge funnel with colored glass that will shade and protect the shopping mall, there will be a large gap dropping all the way down to that sun room on the 4th deck. Every deck it passes through will be able to look across up or down the huge tube, over fences.every floor will have a bathroom in the front and back, and decks 6 to 8 up front will have a humongous museum, and from decks 9 to 11 directly centered will be a zoo of equal size. Located right behind the museum and another one right between the tube to the sun room and shopping mall area will be stairs all the way up from deck 5 to deck however high it gets. Up top will cover above the split room so you can walk around the funnel and go inside to walk over the clear glass floor to bath in the middle, also it will cover the disc-ish shape around the hole to the sun room and all the way to a set of wide semi rectangular decks above the bridge, but in the middle from 3 decks below all the way up will be a hole to accommodate for the artificial mountain also shown on the pinnacle. Around it will be a "moat" fed by a stream leading directly to a interior food court pool. Small bridges will allow you to cross the moat and climb the mountain, on top of which you will be almost higher than the tip of the funnel. There will be 2 more smaller movie theaters, 1 more large mess hall, though not as large, and lots of rooms. 5 food courts and 3 restaurants, the mountain, the zoo, the museum, probably 4 or more pools, 3 waterparks, the 1-2 deck one, the mountain one, and one on deck 10 with a huge glass enclosed slide down to deck 5 where that mall is. 2 shopping centers, the mall one between the 2 halves, and one just behind the food court with the pool to the mountain, the restaurants will be on deck 5 in the front, on deck 6 behind the museum, and on deck 13, one below the mountain deck. Decks 12 and 13 will have mostly rooms but a pool in the middle of deck 12 with diving boards from deck 13, which will simply have a large hole in the middle. So this confirms that if there are 3 decks above where the mountain starts, and it starts 1 deck above deck 13, then the ship is 18 decks. 17 interior decks and then you can go on the roof deck.
10/21/2019 3:41 am
Level 33 : Artisan Crafter
CarnivalshipTC's Avatar
i'm building a full interior pinnacle that's 512m long
07/02/2017 3:15 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
ComradeAlex's Avatar
I am actually working on a even bigger ship that is 5 kilometers land 400 meters long 151 meters wide and about 150 meters high.The ship is half completed and so far i have a lot of ideas for what to put inside.
Gopo Coruscant
07/03/2017 7:39 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
Gopo Coruscant's Avatar
Well, good for you! I'm looking forward to seeing it!
07/01/2017 5:20 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Miner
TheLoneRanger714's Avatar
this is a pretty cool model !!
Gopo Coruscant
07/02/2017 10:21 am
Level 22 : Expert Artist
Gopo Coruscant's Avatar
Thank you. I have abandoned it, because I, well.. it was way too big and i didn't know what to build inside it. :)))
Anyway, I started working on another "King Coruscant", much more elegant and beautiful and it's almost done. And, ironically, it is even bigger than this.