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CreeperCraft Village

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avatar GeckoRyan1562
Level 44 : Master Architect
This was made by two people on my server (now admins). It's a small mountain town that elite players are let into but only with permission from Kocichu and Spazzz95. Also this server is looking for admins if anyone is interested. There are some requirements for being an admin though:

1. You must have skype. We need to get to know you so we can trust you, and be able to contact you when needed.
2. Must be older than 12. Some exceptions can be made but its best that you are older than 12.
3. You speak english well enough that you can communicate with other people on the server.
4. You must be a good builder and prove that giving you admin will actually be worthwhile. Don't come onto the server and just ask for it. You will need to build some stuff in survival mode, and if your good in survival we will put you into creative. If you are good in creative then we will put you through an admin test.
5. Must complete the admin test. Its more or less survival island but much, much harder.
6. Dont be a dick, and get to know the players and admins.
7. Recommend and Favorite the server: www.planetminecraft.com/server/creepercraft-updated/
8. Recommend and Favorite this project.
9. Fill out application:

Language(s) you speak:
Builds (pictures of things you have built):
Do you own a server:
What's you skype username:
How long will you be able to play on the server each day:
Progress100% complete
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