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Realms of Astoria • [The Cubic Team]

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The Cubic Team avatar The Cubic Team
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
The Realms of Astoria
Say hello to the most ambitious RPG map in Minecraft yet!

If you would like to follow this project more closely and even be a playtester, join our discord here! and ask a member of the admin team!

If we are impressed with your builds, even YOU may be able to build for the map! We already have a talented team of 12+ builders who are specialised in different departments such as 'Large Builds', 'Terraforming', 'Interior Decoration' and more! If you would like to help shape this world, join our Discord above and enquire about our server!

You awaken and find a mysterious journal in your mailbox. After reading it, you realise somebody out there knows what really happened to your parents. With the help of some of the people of Astoria, you will journey through the unique and challenging areas, uncover the truth and expose the secrets of this fabled land!
[These are all subject to change, they aren't final! yet]

Wildiavicus (Where the player begins their journey)
The Horseshoe Wilds
Broken Mines
Boreal Fortress

Enchanted Diamond Mines
The Frostlands
Overgrown Jungle

The Root Flats

The Grand Tree
Treetop Palace
Jade Gemstone Mines

Blighted Front
Basalt Highlands
Illustrious Citadel
Fragile Plateau
Titanium Mines

Here are some planned features to enrich the RPG experience!

Scroll down to see in detail descriptions of each!

HD maps of various locations
Custom gear with full rarity scale

Custom bosses with health bars and intricate battles

Fully working quests and quest chests
Currency, buying and selling system
Complex command systems to handle custom enemies, events and puzzles

Special rare gemstones as currency for certain merchants
Custom NPC's and shops
Open world exploration with allsorts of structures
A truly living world
Detailed story and Lore on the world and events

HD maps
Included with the map download will be some maps, made using Inkarnate! They will be of the whole game world, the towns, some dungeons and other structures. They will be exported at 8k so you can zoom all the way in and see every little detail!
Custom gear
Gear throughout the world can be purchased with Astopes (A$), found in various locations, dropped from enemies and bosses, and as quest rewards! You can find swords, axes, bows, crossbows, armor and lots of unique artifacts! All of this gear follows the rarity system of:
White - Common
Green - Uncommon
Blue - Rare
Purple - Epic
Orange - Legendary
Aqua - Raid Item
There are lots of bosses to defeat in this world! You can hunt them down with Bounty Quests or encounter them as part of the story. In special locations, you may even find a deadly raid lair, where some of the strongest bosses wait for you...

Quests will be a large portion of your progression. There are also multiple types of quests! There are normal story quests and side quests which include various tasks. Bounty quests task the player with defeating a certain powerful enemy. Expedition quests have the player travelling to and discovering a certain location, and Raid Quests will only be encountered late game.
Shops and Currencies
The Realms of Astoria has a bustling economy and of course, you'll need to be part of it! The main form of currency are Astopes (A$). You can acquire them by selling various items in towns, and spend them getting powergul gear, items and buffing potions. As well as Astopes, you may find Legendary Minerals! In order of value least to most, they are Enchanted Diamond, Jade Gemstone and Titanium Shard. These can be traded with very special vendors for very special items! Keep your eye out...

Raids will be the pinnacle of endgame content. The raid mission will need be started before being able to access the raid, and once you're in, you can't escape until you've prevailed! Raids will feature challenging puzzles, jumping trials and difficult bossfights. They will be intricate and will feature a very strong boss at the end that will take all of your best gear and mindpower to overcome! Your rewards will be worth it though, as Raid Items are the most powerful gear items in the game!

We're excited to be working on this and we'll update here when we can. It's a huge project so stay with us!

CreditWamber, VibingCody, the_only_max
Progress10% complete

15 Update Logs

WIP Update 6: Build team established, server set up and bigger plans! : by The Cubic Team 11/22/2022 10:20:41 amNov 22nd

As mentioned in the desc. I've got together a team of builder and I'm still open to those interested! You could build something amazing for this map, for the whole world to see! This will bring more life and variety into the world. Things are looking great and I'm also planning for some fun quests :D

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09/03/2022 11:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Viduuu07 avatar
Hi. i see that the discord link is expired. Can I have a fresh one?
02/21/2022 8:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
HackerDragon9999 avatar
How can I download it?
02/21/2022 8:39 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
It’s not completed yet, so there is no download button as of right now. The map is WIP, I’m getting through it and thank you for your interest!
09/30/2021 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Grades avatar
will this work on bedrock?
09/30/2021 12:50 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
My first step will be getting it on Java and building up my selection of maps. Hopefully then I can apply to be a marketplace creator and get it onto bedrock!
10/01/2021 4:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Grades avatar
Ah would be amazing to be able to play it, looks amazing! Keep up the great work :)
10/01/2021 4:35 am
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Thank you this means a lot to hear!
09/21/2021 8:38 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Ninja
_-NinjaCatgirl-_ avatar
Put in the Anacondrai tomb, i dare ya. BUT do not mark it on the map. make it like in the middle of the desert. watch episode 4 of ninjago you will see.
09/17/2021 9:29 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Miner
coolboi24 avatar
look cool
09/18/2021 6:04 am
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
The Cubic Team
The Cubic Team avatar
Thank you 😁
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