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Customizable TNT Wars [Discontinued]

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This is a TNT Wars Map that allows you to customize your war arena. This map will clear the last round and puts in the new one so you don't need to backup the world over and over again. Also, the chests will instantly refill and you can add special weapons into your game like TNT Bows.
[​Minecraft Version 1.13]

You can customize:
  • Your Scoreboard (Have no score, count Kills, Deaths, or both)
  • Wall Thickness (Set how thick the wall will be or have no wall at all)
  • Wall Material (Choose what block the wall will be made out of)
  • Choose Your Map (Choose a map to fight on. There 4 right now but more will be added in future versions)
  • Set The Time (You can set the time)
  • Game Settings (Download to see what this is. One thing that is in this option is that you can choose if you want the chests to regen if they were destroyed)
There's also a mini world I added for fun. In the mini world there is a mini Find the Button game and you can buy stuff at the village like trails and special weapons. Have fun exploring that.
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