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CVX-80 USS Enterprise Supercarrier

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Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
Here's my first big project, it'll be a while before its completed...
Its not completely “to scale” of the original drawing (pixel art). I’m trying to make it more realistic by scaling it to the 1.5:1 aircraft I have available, which allows for more detail, while not being too big.

Statistical Data (provided by artist):
Length: 980 feet (298.7 meters)
Draft: 37 feet (11.3 meters)
Width: 280 feet (85.3 meters)
Displacement: 65,200 tons standard and 82,500 tons fully loaded
Cargo: 6,200 tons of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have more space for personal items. Most of the ships spaces are taken up by extra ammo, armor, troops, weapons, and engines.
Power System: 4 Fusion Reactors, average life span is 20 years
Market Cost: Not for Sale but costs around 1.65 billion credits to construct. If found and sold on the black market would probably cost 5 to 8 billion credits.

Surface: 46 mph (40 knots/ 74.1 kph)
Range: Unlimited due to fusion engines (needs to refuel every 20 years and requires maintenance as well). Ship carries six months of supplies on board.

Artist: bagera3005
Progress25% complete

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05/25/2019 2:53 am
Level 49 : Master Ranger
Download, when the CVX-80 will be finish?
05/25/2019 10:03 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
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