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Dark Moon - Nazi Zombies Minecraft Project

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avatar SteelSaint
Level 44 : Master Bunny


1. Do not use Ender Pearls/jump to places where zombies can't hit you.

2. Do not use any mods or hacks that aren't provided here.

3. Please play this on Easy or higher.

4. Play with at least 2 people (1 is doable, but it would be hard to reach the upgrade room).

5. Enjoy :)


When this is put up for download:

1. Click the download button (obviously).

1.1. Download: craftbukkit.jar

1.2. Rename that to craftbukkit.jar

2. Extract the server files to a designated folder.

3. Set up the server.properties file using some sort of text editing software.

4. Configure the plugins to your liking, in case you want less zombies to spawn (a video will be made how to do this by ACampingNoob at some point in the future).

5. Save all of the files and launch the server.

6. Make sure everyone types in /tribu join.

7. Once step 6 is complete an OP must type in /tribu start.

8. If it must be force stopped type in /tribu stop.


Before he died, the Gothic Overlord of Dunkler Mond cast a spell on all of those that were servants at his castle. 400 years later, the dead servants would rise and take back the land. On the next new moon it will be exactly 400 years since he cast the dreadful spell. Now it is up to us to stop the undead from taking over our society, and possibly even the world! Join us in a fight against hoards and hoards of the undead so that we may prevail and see another day.

Plugins (Links will be provided shortly)

*Tribu - The zombie plugin with rounds and "fake" money.

iConomy - The currency system.

CookieMonster (Best name EVAR!) - Money is rewarded for mob kills.

ShowcaseStandalone - The store system where items float above blocks.

FalseBook - Specific sign commands so certain things. e.g. One type of command you can put on a sign causes lightning to strike a designated diamond block when redstone is applied to the sign.

Wireless Redstone (Not sure if this is the name) - Uses signs to wirelessly transport a redstone current.

* - Matt, or Ajax, from the Jolly Ol' Brits is doing plugin work with the developer of this plugin.

(More coming soon)

This map was made for the AwesomeSauceFilms team by their affiliates:

ACampingNoob - Creator/Builder/Redstone/Plugins/Ideas

Topgun646/SteelSaint (me) - Builder/Plugins/Ideas

MillionCookesh (His brother) - Creator

Jesse/PokekillJT - Builder/Ideas

PeteZahHutt - Builder/Ideas

Booshman97 - Builder

Better forum post:

Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 07/01/2012 2:35:02 amJul 1st, 2012

Second video w/ ASF coming out soon.

01/21/2013 4:36 pm
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
Update for 1.4.7?
12/31/2012 3:32 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
Cool project.
07/04/2012 1:58 am
Level 44 : Master Bunny
If anyone wants to help w/ the next map tell us
07/02/2012 5:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
you are poopy
05/13/2012 10:21 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Ok cool thanks. Also is this a working plugin or just fakey signs?
05/13/2012 10:27 pm
Level 44 : Master Bunny
The store plugin is calles ShowCaseStandalone, you right click the block the item is floating on. The signs are there just so people know how much it is, even though they can just hit the block to find out.
05/13/2012 10:54 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Right. I'm really interested so make sure you reply to this comment or pm me if server ever goes public or you decide to let me in xD.
05/13/2012 10:12 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Awesome. A few things, if this is supposed to be based off a map, which? Also i'm assuming this is a server project, will it ever be released to download or the server ip released? And lastly, what texture pack is that? :D

Thanks in advance.
05/13/2012 10:18 pm
Level 44 : Master Bunny
It is Sphax's Texture Pack. This is my second go around with this post, I had it all set up, but then it didn't save, so now I have to go through it again and continuously update it. We will have a server set up for this, but it won't be dedicated. Check out this person: www.youtube.com/user/TheBajanCanadian he is the person that will be recording it and putting it up on Machinima. This map was made for his team known as AwesomeSauceFilms. And there will be a download as well. Lastly, this is just our own creation, but the upgrading process is based off of Shangri La if you wanted to know.
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