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Deep storage demo(fnaf fan story)

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avatar pcmaster213
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Deep storage is a Minecraft fan story based fnaf map that will be worked on in great lengths to get things done. the map will be based underground in a deep storage facility underneath of a pizzeria called spring Ryan's pizza place...or is it? not everything is as it seems in this facility because some things were hidden from public eye...you will discover the story of a man who was trapped down in deep storage through a number of voice logs and how he eventually...*ahem* meet his inevitable fate the map will have multiple floors/sections each with its own unique things...I cant wait to get this done for all of you to see it will take some time but trust me...the more time I take on it the better I can make it after all patience is a virtue.

Currently a demo is done that includes the first floor of the huge map, so its a decently short demo, not to long but still its something, the reason why its kinda short is because I wanted to have something done before Halloween, since it might take months to actually complete the map and actually putting anymore than floor one in the demo may spoil a lot of the story, I hope you understand. This map is a combination of horror, adventure, and puzzle... its not really scary on the first floor but in the full map it will hopefully have: custom jumpscares, big floors (and by big floors I mean the size of each level is different so there will be some small and some big since each plays its role in the map.), and a lot of other things that I don't want to spoil for you since its going to blow your minds...

you need to download the resource pack for the custom sounds, because they are utilized a bit because we have voice logs and custom made soundeffects that we created for this map. also when you download the map you need to extract the zip and then open the folder you extracted and put the folder that is inside of the folder into your Minecraft saves

please give me a diamond if you like the demo, and leave a comment telling me what you might want to see in the full map, such as sound effects that happens when the player does something or things like that
Creditkebe3 ( map builder #2), joel taylor (spawn music), Fev Grave (voice logs of M.R.), Gedriz(sound effects)
Progress20% complete

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What is going on with the map's progress? : 10/22/2019 5:52:29 pmOct 22nd, 2019

Hello everyone I am pcmaster213 the creator of Deep Storage and I wanted to take a moment to explain why the map may take a while to get done, and also explain some things about the demo as well to clear up any confusion regarding it. Now allow me to begin.

The first thing I'm going to explain is why the map will take some time to get done. Now as you know the downloadable map i released was only a demo of deep storage. So you may be wondering, when will the full map be done and why is it taking so long? The answer to that is simple, I DONT HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR EVERYTHING! What i mean by this is I am currently working on bigger projects than this although this is my 3rd priority so it will be worked on occasionally. which allows me to get a decent amount of stuff done per month. But that doesn't
mean it will get done faster. Deep storage is going to be a HUUUUUUGE map, it will have at least 5-10 levels if not more. Some of those levels may even span off into sections that can be explored and some will have extra tasks that you could complete just for the heck of it. The deeper you dwell into the map the more the horror aspect of it comes out since each floor gets darker, and darker, And darker. I'm currently writing my own book and a making a visual novel based things that are not related to this so i hope you understand why it is taking me some tome to work on deep storage.

Now allow me to tell you why the demo was how it was. If you didn't read the sign at the end of the demo or the description, then let me tell you here. The demo was released because I wanted to get something out as soon as I can. of course the demo is only a taste of what's to come, in the full map there may even be an option to return to it to unlock a certain section. Anyway, that is why the demo was so short and don't worry, not every floor will focus on the puzzle aspect like that, there will be a variety of different things you can come across, such as parkour, Largely Audio based horror, and much much more... thank you for reading this and again I'm sorry its taking so long to get this map made.
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