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Demon Slayer : Everlasting Blaze [Console Server on Realm] BEDROCK BETA

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Bedrock Edition
MariTheMagician's Avatar MariTheMagician
Level 28 : Expert Collective
Its Planned to release Friday 10/22/21 but it will only be the beta version!!!


When you start off you'll have to find the Sword Maker in the lobby to start the game. Then you will enter a dark room and will be asked are you sure (There are secrets in the lobby) if you say yes you will start in a. Cobblestone flat arena and you will have to press L2 on PlayStation (I don't know on other consoles) on quest one you will be given a wooden sword and your breathings to chose them you have to eat then by pressing L2. A you will have to destroy the rock then, you do quest 2. Final Section you will kill all the demons in the forest and the Arm Demon once you kill the Arm Demon it will drop a chest and you be given 32 bread, and a rock and your demon slayer outfit to make your sword you will give that to ur master which you'll find in Aoi Village which you will teleport to once you kill the arm demon. Once you do that you will get your sword and your first breathing. After that you can grind by killing demons outside villages at night, or in demon dungeon's (I know there aren't dungeons in demon slayer, but I wanted to add its own little twist) or you can do quests and get as many kimestu points as possible to unlock your other breathing forms. You can also farm demon blood by killing demons, blood art demons, and 12 demons. by selling demon blood you can get kimestu coins to buy items, swords and clothing.
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12/22/2021 6:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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Whats the code
10/23/2021 12:40 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
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Hey is the realm out yet