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Desert Cathedral

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Icetead avatar Icetead
Level 33 : Artisan Lemon
No download link because this was built on a server.


Anyways top song while building this: Notion. (it's a lot easier to reach the word minimum talking about a song rather than a cathedral...)
Also it goes with the whole Christianity theme. Pretty good song all in all.

andddd the word count I needed was reached!! thank you!!
Progress100% complete

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09/15/2022 10:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DURK1N avatar
Hello my dearest readers, this report is written with the intention of evaluating the newest work of one of the greatest minecraft builders, going by the alias of “IcedTea” on this particular forum. Now, we shall proceed onto the review.

Firstly, I must mention the frankly astounding block selection showcased within this masterpiece. Whilst it is obvious how perfect this aspect of the build is, it cannot go unmentioned.

Furthermore, the recreation of a thriving eco-system with the large, lush trees elegantly contrasts with the vibrant nature of the desert surroundings. This is also a very impressive choice from the perspective of its Christian theme; as it emphasises how all life comes together to form such an astonishing planet. The fact the builder was able to form such a complex meaning truly had me bewildered.

Whilst there is much more to cover, I must conclude with some final appraisals of the build. As we can all see, the proportions and detailing of the build are simply word class. In addition, I am sure no one else has ever seen a cathedral using such a unique block palette. At first thought, some might be deluded into thinking this would not work so well, but due to the perseverance and sheer skill of this builder it is now clear for all to see that with the right combination of building techniques and imagination that a build like this is possible.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you have come to under the magnificence of this build along with myself.
Have a good day or night,
Planet Minecraft


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