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Desert Temple 2.0

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avatar nanakisan
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
Long long ago when connecting stairs first arrived. I starting experimenting, this experimentation lead to me making this. A simple recreation of those famous areas in adventure games. Where the temples layout is miniaturized with a throne sitting above it.

After i was done i wasn't satisfied, my boredom kicked in and i ended up making this beauty. Recently this debuted on the MC Sub-reddit. When posted it was incredibly well received. People asked me for the Schematic file which i happily provided. So now i'm sharing it here for other people to enjoy.

Terms of use
1: All credit is to go to me.
2: You are free to alter it for your needs but credit me
3: Yes you can put it on your servers as long as you follow 1-2.

Otherwise i don't care what you do with it. All i like is knowing that my work is being used and that proper credit is being given.
Progress100% complete
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