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Detroit Zoo (Bedrock)

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Welcome to the Detroit Zoo! This is a map that I have been working on since December of 2019. This is still a work in progress, so not everything is 100% complete. There are many areas in the zoo that you will be able to explore! This map is for the current Bedrock version of Minecraft.

Conservation Campus: This is the main area of the zoo. You can see animals like birds, reptiles, amphibians, bats, otters, beavers, and penguins in the award-winning Polk Penguin Conservation Center! There is also a train station, but it is currently not operating at the moment.


Asian Forest: This small area of the zoo has exhibits for camels, deer, red pandas, tigers, and Japanese macaques.

Arctic Ring of Life: This area is currently being re-done, but when I finish it, you will be able to see polar bears, seals, and arctic foxes.

American Grasslands: This large area is home to animals from both North and South America. Make sure to check out the 2-acre Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness located towards the back of the zoo.

African Grasslands: This area is still under construction, but you are still able to enjoy some animal exhibits for lions, ostriches, eland, a sloth, and a few more.

African Forest: This small area of the zoo is located right in between the African Grasslands and the Asian Forest. You will be able to see chimpanzees, gorillas, and lemurs in this one area.

Australian Outback Adventure: This area has not been built yet, but it will be soon.

Addons and resource packs used:
I do not own any of the addons or resource packs used in this map. I give all credit to the creators of these wonderful addons and resource packs. The ones that I used are:
  • yCreatures
  • yFarm Craft
  • Animacraft
  • New Zealand Natives
  • Parralax Shaders
  • ModernHD

I need your help!
I want to build more zoos and aquariums from around the world, but it's really hard to do this by myself, so that's why I started the MCAZA. What this is, is a group of people dedicated to building zoos and aquariums from around the world, in Minecraft. All zoos are going to be built on a 1:1 scale. You can join the discord link below to help me with this huge project. It is open to both Bedrock and Java players!

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