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Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
The LEGENDARY Dilshan's Curry

Dilshan's Curry was a fast food restaurant located downtown on The Bruh Club creative server. It was built by _endermann and operated by himself and BlackShiba36. It was dubbed "The home of the original curry fried chicken." It was built on the Dilshan's Land plot, owned by Indian businessman BlackShiba. The restaurant recently made an appearance, and was rebuilt on the Ace Creative Network.

Menu items included 'Dilshan's Hot n spicy curry chicken,' Mild curry chicken, and the famous Dilshan's curry bowl. The 'fo fo fo' meal included 4 bowls of curry for 4 bruhcoins.

The restaurant was mainly drive-thru fast food, but also had tables inside. The exterior was orange with a yellow/orange striped roof, and two windows on the left side of the door, and three on the right. The interior was mostly remembered for having its interesting orange/purple tile design.
The kitchen included the famous "curry cooker" where the chef would add the spices and chicken and serve hot bowls of curry for the customers.
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