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Direwolf20 Skyblock Faithful

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Level 21 : Expert Farmer
this has been done and ready for a while now, and availiable on the FTB forums, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it here and hope it's changed enough to be approved by the moderators. If not, then no hard feelings.

This map is exactly as it sounds: a remake of noobcrew's skyblock, but updated to allow you to do almost anything in the direwolf20 modpack. What makes this map unique is instead of putting villagers down to allow you to get modded resources, I made my own custom recipe system. Villagers are messy, most obviously because if it falls into the void, you're screwed. No way to get resources now. Game over. With my map, you can get all the resources you need by putting ingredients for them inside your custom crafting pouch, which, if somehow lost, can be easily crafted again out of resources obtained without the crafting pouch, so if you lose the pouch, you can get a new one. You also have access to the entirety of all of the mods except for xycraft. You cannot get the xychorium water, ice, soil, or the fire basin, but that's it. The water can be achieved with a railcraft water tank or an aqueous accumulator, the ice and soil are unnecessary, and the fire basin is fancy netherrack. You can get the liquid void, as that block's functions are hard to replicate (and it was the best candidate for xychorium).

I really did work hard on the recipe system, and even made it possible to release smaller recipe updates that can be installed into any save to provide recipe additions or edits without the player having to start over from scratch. This is the part that differs from noobcrew's skyblock, along with the fact that I had to reboot the nether, making a completely new void nether, so that is all my work, and I build the overworld islands in an infinite void superflat world. I do admit to having two identical islands, but I did make the entire recipe system myself.

My only rules are: do not go into any dimensions added by mods, and do not go to the Mainland (in the Nether). I won't stop you from visiting the twilight forest, but if you start building there and quarrying there, is sort of ruins the point of the map.

Make full Quantum armour (including Gravichestplate and HV solar hat)
Get a kilobucket (1000 buckets) of liquid DNA
Get a stack of diamond combs
Get a stack of electrum combs
Get a Jaded Queen
Put an enderchest inside of an enderchest (enderception)
fill an ender tank with molten ender (enderception 2)
Make a shrine for a dragon egg
craft a portal gun
Make a steam Boiler

Additional Notes

Noobcrew's amazing map, skyblockDownload the FTB launcher
Map thread on the FTB forums
Creditnoobcrew, the FTB team (for the modpack)
Progress95% complete

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