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Disney's Pop Century Resort (1:1 Scale)

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Take a trip back in time at Disney's Pop Century Resort recreated 1:1 scale on the MCParks Minecraft Server!

From the resort hotel rooms to the Everything Pop! gift store and food court, the MCParks recreation of Disney's Pop Century Resort has it all! From Play-Doh to Rubik's Cube, you can relive your favorite memories from the 1950s through the 1990s! Featuring 5 distinct decades from the 20th century, you can pick just how you want to "Remember When..."
Disney's Pop Century Resort (1:1 Scale) Minecraft Map

Starting in the 1950s, you can experience larger than life thematic set pieces like bowling pins, see classics like Lady and the Tramp, and walk alongside a massive jukebox. This area features a massive bowling pin shaped pool and 3 building clusters of 2 queen bed themed rooms. Rock 'n' Roll!

The central point at the resort is along the 1960s themed section of the resort. Go back to the era of peace in the flower shaped "Hippie Dippy Pool" and be surrounded by a 4 story-tall tub of Play-Doh and Baloo & Mowgli from Disney's The Jungle Book! This section features 2 building clusters of 2 queen bed themed rooms. Far Out!

On the left half of the resort, we begin to enter a more recent era starting with the 1970s! Featuring more 4 story-tall statues, this area selects a Mickey Mouse Rotary Phone and a Big Wheel Tricycle to represent the area. This section doesn't have a pool in the center but instead hosts an oversized Foosball Table which provides a neat opportunity for pictures and antics. This section features 2 building clusters of 2 queen bed themed rooms. Boogie Down!

The boom of modern technology and video games begin in the 1980s, and the design of Pop Century pays tribute to this. Featuring a Computer themed Pool (shared with the 1990s section), the 1980s area also is home to several massive Rubik's Cube themed staircases and an oversized Walkman. This section features 2 building clusters of 2 queen bed themed rooms. Radical!

50 years have gone by since the beginning of our journey and the 90s provide a fantastic end-cap to the 20th century themed resort. Sitting at the tail end of the resort and sharing the Computer themed Pool with the 80s, the 90s section also finds themselves nuzzled between cell phone themed staircases and a giant laptop computer. This section features just one building of 2 queen bed themed rooms. Keepin it Real!

Classics Hall
This area of the resort is located at the entrance of the resort, it's home to the check-in/out area, the bus stops to the Disney parks and attractions, and the Everything Pop! gift store and food court. This area isn't themed to one specific time period but features highlights from every decade.

The overall resort holds nearly 3,000 rooms with some offering fantastic views of certain pools or even "Hourglass Lake" the shared body of water with Disney's Art of Animation Resort.

On MCParks, while you can access this resort and look around there is currently no way to obtain any new rooms due to the room rental system under redevelopment! This post will be updated to include how to rent rooms when that is enabled again.
CreditResort was mostly built by MCParks Imagineer W2D5W8 and features pieces of the resort finished and worked on by the rest of the team
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