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Docklands Light Railway B07 Tram, London

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In May 2005, a further 24 vehicles of a new design were ordered from Bombardier for network extensions and three-car service on the Bank–Lewisham route. They were to be delivered between May 2007 and September 2008, but were delayed.These vehicles are known as 'B07 stock', and are numbered 101 to 124. The first was delivered on 22 December 2007, and three units of B07 stock, 104, 105, and 106, were displayed at West India Quay in13 March 2008. The first train of B07 stock, made up of units 105 and 106, entered service in September 2008. Even by March 2009 few of the new trains had appeared in service, but all units of this first batch had entered service by July 2009.

In June 2006, another 31 vehicles were added to this order. Sometimes called as B09 on the internet, these trains are B07 batch 2 and were built at Bombardier's , Germany plant.This batch was partly funded by the and was planned for delivery by 2009. The first six units had been delivered by June 2009 with all in service by the end of June 2010.
Docklands Light Railway B07 Tram, London Minecraft MapAn artist's impression of the B07 DLR stock from Bombardier Transportation.
The B07 stock units feature a totally redesigned exterior and interior. It features larger windows and doors and more leg room. In addition, several technical improvements were made for better acceleration, altered door functions to enable faster boarding and alighting, and improved braking for a smoother ride.

The B07 units were the first to operate as 3-car trains in early 2010; the B92 trains followed operating in this way later in 2010. The initial 3-car route was the mainstream Bank to Lewisham route, but the lengthened trains were subsequently operated on other routes as well.

Thank you for checking out his map, I am planning to do all the trams in the UK. Next is either the Sheffield Supertram or the Blackpool Tram
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