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Dodo Pizza house [1.18.2]

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RussianBuilder avatar RussianBuilder
Level 45 : Master Architect
"What if..."
Let's imagine for a second that the pizzeria was founded 100 years earlier - in 1911. In a parallel universe. In minecraft.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my little creation - "Dodo house". Laid down by Ust-Sysolsky boyar Fyodor Ovchinnikov in March 1901, commissioned in July 1910. The house is a complete complex for a family holiday:
- a modern tram (powered by thermal energy) will take you directly to the house;
- the traditional Dodo pizzeria, awarded three Michelin stars;
- premium restaurant boxes for special guests with live music and personal waiters;
- two outdoor terraces in the fresh air, one of them - at the height of the third floor;
- five-star hotel with unlimited pizza and drinks from the establishment;
- a huge children's room with a bunch of toys, where you can leave your little ones with experienced governesses even for the whole day;
- swimming area (pool), built on the latest technology of filtration and heating of water (no bleach and blue lips);
- premium interiors will not leave guests indifferent;
- a garden of olive trees in the courtyard, where you can walk and pick olives;
- fresh vegetables and fish grown directly on the upper floors of the house in a greenhouse and aquarium;

All this creation is decorated with a stone statue of the Dodo bird, carved from a huge rock from the very island of Mauritius and delivered by special order of the boyar.

Technical map of the house:
0 floor: kitchen, boiler room, pump room;
1st floor: main restaurant, outdoor terrace, waiting area, check-in and swimming room, and olive garden;
2nd floor: children's playroom;
3rd floor: premium boxes with live music, outdoor terrace;
4th floor: comfort class rooms;
5th floor: deluxe rooms;
6th floor: technical - aquarium, greenhouse, storage rooms (access for personnel only);
Progress90% complete

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Update #1 : by RussianBuilder 08/19/2022 4:36:10 amAug 19th

Added download map link + 27 mods used

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08/17/2022 5:59 am
Level 27 : Expert Carrot
Floeroen avatar
why cant you download it ?
08/17/2022 1:50 pmhistory
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter
MiauMattiMC avatar
Maps without downloads usually have one of those reasons:
- The Map creator doesn't want you to download it
- The Map isn't done yet
- The Map creator sells copies of the map and puts a link in the description
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