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Doomblade's Cathedral & Spawn

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Goroh avatar Goroh
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Hey guys! This is the spawn built for my server by myself Goroh/Gorohamslammer, and Subilover12! Within this spawn you will find "Doomblade's Cathedral," which is a good spot to pick up quests and other things in the future, along with the "Trading District" where you will find the Shop and the Bank, along with the Crafter's Hut/Scroll Makers. You will also find the "Barracks" Where you can find a portal to pvp zones along with Shops that will sell you battle gear! The "Dwarven District" can be found as well which has many shops that will allow to to trade obtained ores such as Copper, and Tin, and use them for creating other materials such as "Bronze" or turn them into armor!

That's a basic run down of everything in there! My server is an "MMORPG" and if you want to check it out the thread for it is on my profile and the IP is :

My server is still in very early stages but a lot of people including mostly myself, see grade potential in it to bring a new genre to minecraft servers!
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