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Dragon Block RL is a role playing server that utilizes Dragon Block C and other mods to create a magical and wonderful world where you can join the other players and go on your very own adventure! We usually don't railroad the story, so it's all up to you to make their own story!

To be able to join, you first have to make your own character of course! To do so, follow the guidelines for creating a Dragon Block RL character and post it in the comment section! If your character is good enough, we shall accept it and let you into our magical world! Once we accept you, we shall privately send to you a link to the Discord server where you will find everything you need to play! Good luck!

Create your own character and join the magical world today!

Guideline for Character Applications:
Character Name: (First Name, Last Name)

Age (Optional): (Character's age in Earth/Human Years)

Race: (Character's race)

Personality: (State your character's personality, their quirks, flaws, etc.)

Appearance (Optional since we will see your skin): (Basically what your character looks like)

Backstory: (Must be at least 250 words long; Create your character's story! This is the most fun part about creating a character, so be creative! You can make it silly, dark, and even sad! Just don't rip off other characters.)

Techniques: (These are the techniques that your character knows; try to keep them in the limitations of Dragon Block C, but no starting off with transformations, God Ki, or Kaioken. Also, try to explain how your character got its techniques in your backcstory)

Discord: (Discord Name and ID)

Extra Stuff (Optional): (Any extra stuff about your character that does not fall under any of the previous categories

Here's an example character application for the character I made!
Character Name: Zesty, Pu

Age: Maybe a few months.

Race: Citrus Majin

Personality: Silly, happy-go-lucky, ignorant, honest, stupid, forgetful, pretty selfish, doesn't understand big words, his laugh is "Hehehe!" and will get kind of mad at you if you try to steal it from him, can become very serious if the situation calls for it, loves fights because they're fun, wants to become the strongest fighter in the world, hates using Absorption but loves Fusion, not a good teacher, and really REALLY hates being tickled including punches that feel like tickles.

Appearance: Yellow, slimy, skinny, wears orange tank top with rabbit symbols on the front and back, wears brown baggy pants with blue-green belt, wears blue-green pointy shoes, always keeps eyes closed because of his clear white eyes, no "ears" but can hear with his two antennae sticking out of the sides of his head, and always smiles unless he's serious.

Backstory: Zesty Pu was created when a citron fruit’s seed that was pooped out by Majin Buu, was hit by Buu’s Love-Love Ray by accident when it missed and ricocheted into a toilet bowl, creating a Citrimajin (Citrus Demon Person), Zesty Pu. Zesty doesn’t know who is parents were, though. When the toilet was flushed, he entered the sewer and explored it. He simply wandered a bit, thinking of a good idea for a laugh until he found a ladder. Curious, he climbed up and out of the sewers. He found Pupu, a living piece of poop who just so happened to know martial arts. He called his style the Rabbit Style for some unexplained reason. They quickly became friends, and Zesty mastered the style. He learned to control his Ki very well and the Lucky Rabbit Ray technique from him, and it became his signature attack! The Lucky Rabbit Ray is a powerful nonlethatal technique that uses Lucky Rabbit Energy to force the enemy back. However, one day Master Pupu died from “Bum Cancer.” Zesty, who was pretty much a child in the world, now roamed the world in search of strength because, after all, he only knew of fighting, and he thought it was really fun!
In his travels he came across two Metamorans named Scar and Zure who were self proclaimed elite members of Froze’s army. Zesty had no clue who “Froze” was, but he knew the two were pretty strong. Zesty, eager to test his fighting skills, fought the duo after Scar said he would take control of the Earth in the name of Lord Froze, easily knocking away Zure, who was the brains of the duo, and having an almost one-sided fight with Scar. Scar was desperate, so he called to Zure to use their hidden technique. Zure told Zesty that he can have a better fight if he gives Scar a second, so Zesty, of course, takes the bait. The two then do some strange kind of posing, and then there’s a flash of light! In their place was a new fighter who called himself Scazure, the Fusion of Scar and Zure! Zesty was able to remember the poses, so he learned Metamoran Fusion. Scazure then had a fair fight until Zesty unleashed his Lucky Rabbit Ray! The Ray easily forced Scazure through a tree in the forest they were fighting in. Scazure then dashed towards Zesty and said he was going to use his ultimate attack, the Twin Star Burst! Scazure flew into the air, completely bewildering Zesty, and then charged at him with a powerful, red and blue aura, but before the move could connect, Scazure defused into Scar and Zure. Zesty was confused, but he beat the two up anyways. Scar sucked up his pride and asked the yellow thing to spare him. Zesty didn’t know what “spare” meant, but he let them go since that Scazure guy was so strong! The two then escaped in an escape pod.
Zesty then stayed in the forest that he fought against Scazure in for four months, just training, wandering about, and appreciating nature. Then, out of nowhere, a huge spaceship appeared. Zesty, who had no clue what it was, decided to look at it curiously. Then a white lizard-looking thing with a bit of blue on him emerged from the ship. The alien was Froze! However, Zesty forgot about the whole “Lord Froze” thing from Scar and Zure. Zesty wanted to become his friend since he seemed so strong and he was lonely. The two were pretty much polar opposites, but they became really good friends that would stick up for each other when the time comes.

Techniques: Lucky Rabbit Ray (Explained in backstory), Metamoran Fusion, Basic Ki Control (Charging, Ki Punches, etc.), Ki Sense, Mind Control Technique - Forces Ki into target's ears and to their brain to control the target's actions temporarily.

Extra Stuff: He actually doesn't have a brain; he "thinks" and acts through magical means. Also, after long periods of time, his body goes from yellow to white and he becomes obsessed with absorption. Also, his laugh becomes "Kekeke" instead of "Hehehe." Zesty will call this Zesty Blanco when it happens for the first time in the rp.

*For your race, you can use a race already existing in Dragon Ball or create your very own! It can also be a mix of races!
*If you are accepted, you can invite your friends directly to the Discord rather than having them create a character application.
Creditolos22/MrCinekPl/Cado, JinRyuu, Akira Toriyama
Progress100% complete

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