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Ecruteak City, (Pokemon series)

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Amigo P's Avatar Amigo P
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In my opinion, it's the most iconic city in the Johto region,  so I've decided to make it in Minecraft. I've decided to base it off it's appearence in HG and SS with a few minor changes, also no mods are needed at the moment. I will continue to update,  I'm welcome to any suggestions or ideas for building it. Additionally, if anyone has any way how to make autumn leaves, please comment, I really think they will improve the build...

(I've decided to remake this from an earlier version I made a while ago, so it is still a work in progress.)

-Note- I am now using the PERSISTANCE Resource Pack for this project to give the rustic image Ecruteak always offers, however, it still looks fine on default...
Progress70% complete

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