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The conquistadors have been searching for it for decades, and finally they found it...
El Dorado

This world spawn features a massive circular jungle area (80-100 block radius) under the sea level. The water is kept out by a 40 block tall dam.


Q: what does the map contain? A: The inside of the dam contains a village settlement, an ancient lost temple, ruins and many other terrain features!

Q: can i use this map for my project? A: Probably yes, contact me (on discord) to talk about it!

Q: what version is the map on? A: the works fine for 1.15.x - 1.16.x

Q: how big is the map? A: the modified part of the map is about 300x300, the outside area is normal vanilla terrain

Q: what programs did you use? A: i used World edit
What can be found in the map:
- A small harbor
- A bunch of ships
- A village/settlement
- A big lost mayan/aztec temple
- Some ruins and tresaures
- Beautiful landscaping of various kinds
- A bunch of easter eggs...

Reposting of any kind anywhere is not allowed!!!
-Leave suggestions in the comments!
-Check out my other projects on my profile!
-Check out the realms blog post!

Discord contact: Tomm2000#6101
CreditJackk_ice, ideas and general help
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #1.0.1 : by Tomm2000 06/18/2020 7:42:25 amJun 18th, 2020


- Fixed some problems
- General polish to the map
- Added download to post

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