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Elevator (3x3) | up, down and sideways!

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I think this is as compact (and cheap) as an elevator can get.
It is so simple that I'm surprised I couldn't find it on the internet.
  • Compact - the redstone is 3x3, with a little extra at the very bottom.
  • Fast - when going up it's a bit faster than the speed of flying up in creative mode (1 block per redstone tick), the way down is just a free fall on a slime block.
  • Cheap - costs just 2 pistons, 2 redstone torches and 1 repeater per 2 blocks height of the elevator.
  • Easy to build - it's easy to understand how it works and remember how to build it, and because it's so cheap it can also be built easily in survival.
  • Open view - you don't have to surround the player with blocks in all 4 sides to prevent him from falling off of the elevator. You can keep one side completely open and enjoy the view as you go up!
  • Many styles - unlike other elevator designs, this one can have different shapes and can fit in many different places inside buildings. (like in a corner, in a door, stick out of the wall with only pistons visible... look at the pictures above to see what I mean)
  • Flexible and customizable - can be customized to move mobs of different sizes (player-like mobs, Endermen, squids, horses...) and even sort them (take mobs of different size out on a different floor)
  • Supports horizontal movement - you can make a player go up, then sideways, then up again, then to the right, then drop down, then go sideways a bit more, go up again... You can basically go through a maze of obstacles very easily, I have an example of how to do it in the world download. And even better, using some extra redstone you can easily switch between different paths, so you could press one of a few buttons next to the elevator to choose your destination!
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