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- Hello! I’m the estate agent of Wonderful Estate Agency! Can we start the visit?
- Yes. We are looking forward to see the interior, since we loved the neoclassical front with the modern adds.

- This is the main asset of the build. So first, we can see the beautiful quartz fountain. We are going to enter the right wing of the palace. Here is a toilet on the left, under the stairs, and on the right, there is … the fantastic swimming pool of the building.

- Wow! Impressing!

- Here is the changing rooms and at the end of the corridor, there are the security station, with an armory, and the access to the first garage.

- Hum, the security station is a very good point, I need safety for my work.

- Good. We will continue in this corridor which allows to access to the ground floor but we will not go up. There is a toilet here and a home cinema next to it. On the left, there is a sauna in a middle-east style and on the left, the fitness room/poolroom. Oh! I have forgotten the panic room! It also serves as an atomic bunker.

- This palace suits perfectly my needs!

- Glad you like it! Under the stairs of the left wing, there is another toilet. Let’s go to the ground floor. Here is the main stairs of the building, with a huge painting on the wall and a chandelier. Notice that there is gilding in most of the palace.

- I see and I really like it. I love old interiors.

- So we will continue in the left wing. Here is a room for the dogs with an access to the rear of the building, and next to it, cafeteria for the staff. There’re also the refrigerated room and the kitchen. And now, the great dining room!

- Beautiful.

- Now, we go to the first floor with its living room and music room. I specify that all the furnitures are included in the buying act.

- It’s a good thing, I will save time and money, and I love them so it’s all good.

- Another toilet here…

- There’re already four toilets.

- And it’s not finished. There is a total of 6 toilets!

- It’s true that it’s important.

- Next to it there’s a nursery. Now, we’re going to take a small staircase which allows to access to the 3 other levels. Another one is present in the right wing. So on the right, there’s the library and on the left there are one crossing office, an office, a meeting room, and the access to the terrace.

- The view is excellent… and I can see a space shuttle?!

- Yes, it’s a space shuttle and its launcher. It enables you to go in orbit for pleasure or work.

- It’s pretty unusual but I think it could be useful.

- So, we’re going back and we will pass through the library to access to the second staircase. There are Japanese style gardens under each of the bay window and we can access to the big suite, with a dressing, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The upper level houses a huge meeting room with a sky paint on the ceiling. We are going down to the second floor. In the right wing, there are a crossing Japanese style bedroom, a bathroom, a Chinese style bedroom, a dressing, a … toilet.

- (« laughs »)

- And an access to a helipad. I want to precise that there are solar panels on the roof of the palace to furnish a bit of electricity to the whole build.

- It’s ecological. I was also searching for an ecologic house, the weather is going fool so we need to prevent worse effects of the global warming. But I’m not here to expose my opinions over ecology. You can continue.

- Thanks. We’re going to the first floor. There are, on the left, a dressing and, on the right, a neoclassical style bedroom, a bathroom, a seaside style bedroom, a toilet, and, over the garage, the launcher control center. Let’s go down to the ground floor through the main stairs. There’s an access to the shuttle under the stairs. There’re also a room for the garbage, with an access to the rear of the building, and a dressing. There’s another neoclassical style bedroom, a bathroom, a jungle style bedroom in the right wing’s ground floor. Oh! I’ve forgotten the two winter gardens at the extremity of the palace’s two wings and the two small winter gardens on the sides of the center construction. So, your feeling?

- I love this palace and I will sign the buying act at once!

- Great! So what is the billing address?

- 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.

- Ok. So, thank you and good bye!

- Good bye!

Thank you for those who have read until the end! And remember, if you like the dialogue and the build or just the build, put a diamond and favorite!
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08/26/2017 5:33 pm
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^Good job =) good luck !
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