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The EMD F7 is a 1,500 hp diesel-electric locomotive built by EMD from 1949 - 1953. The F7 class has both an A unit and a B unit. The A unit contains the driving cab and control systems. These control systems are used to control the cabless B units.

The EMD FP7A is a 1,500hp diesel locomotive built by the Electro-Motive Division company from 1949 - 1953. The engine was based on EMDs F7A engine but was 4 feet longer to accommodate a larger water tank for the engines steam generator. The steam generator was used to heat the passenger cars.

Next up in my new railroad fleet, EMDs F7 and FP7! I have 3 versions of the engine currently, Canadian Nationals A unit and B unit, Ontario Northlands FP7 "Northlander" and a generator car, and finally the GO Transit FP7 which I showcased previously here. The EMD F7 is rarely seen in active service anymore but I love the look of these old diesel locomotives. These engines have been modified quite a bit from the last time I had built one. The FP7 is, much like its real life counterpart, a slightly longer and modified version of the F7. The generator cars used by the ONR are usually modified EMD F7 B units and so bares some resemblance to the B unit.

If you're interested in seeing this, or more of my builds, you can visit them on The Realism Society! Just enter the IP mc.realismsociety.com
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