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EMD SD40-2 Locomotive Collection!

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1.5:1 Scale CSX EMD SD40-2's


  The Electro-Motive Division's SD40 and SD40-2 have become icons, even in their own time. So successful was the series that one can spot them virtually any place on practically any given train (Class Is included), even today, nearly 30 years after the last SD40-2 rolled off of the assembly line. The only other EMD models that were as successful were the first-generation, four-axle GP7 and GP9. When the company first released the SD40 in 1966 railroads were not only seeing the economical advantage gained with six-axle locomotives but also understood that more powerful diesels meant fewer units need per train, thus operating costs decreased. The later SD40-2 was part of EMD's new "Dash 2" line and sparked a firestorm of sales that kept it in production nearly 15 years. While there are a few SD40s officially preserved so many remain in use that there is little need to visit a museum to see one; simply go trackside and wait for one to pass by.

Credit: american-rails.com


Length: 20.98m (over the coupler pulling faces)

Width: 3.13m

Height: 4.75m

Weight: 167t

Power: 3,000hp

Max Speed: 65mph/105kmph


  Thank you for checking this out! This is my first solo 1.5:1 scale locomotive I have ever done! Please leave a diamond/heart if you think its good, thank you :D

  If you want to use this for your own project, please credit me appropriately, thank you again!

  Texture Pack: Hans-Pack (https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/hans-pack-version-2-0/)

EDIT: Just stop with the comments please, you always think every build except your own are inaccurate, look at yourself instead
CreditElbowboi - helping for a few side detail ideas!
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Update #1 : 07/15/2020 10:53:24 amJul 15th

Fixed some livery issues and redone screenshots
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