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~Endless Sun 1:1 17th century asian 42 gun frigate~

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~:Endless Sun:~

Description / Background
Following the theme of Flame of the east, (check that out if you havn't) this ship is part of the same imaginary asian inspired navy. It's a 42 gun frigate, normally this type of frigate didn't really show up until later parts of 18th century if we're talking about historical european ships. She's armed on 2 full gun decks, lower deck with 11x 12pounders and the upper with 10x 6pounders. She has no quarterdeck or poop, and the orlop deck is not a continous deck but split into 3 platforms. The name is derived from the "dragon of time" chasing it's own tail symbolising a never setting sun, basically a metaphor for the never ending "sun empire" ;) And yada yada lore, but we'll skip that. This ship, as the Flame of the east, is again (sorry ^^) part of the same Lyrah project, so there will be no download until release of that project, but I have it separated from the rest of the world on my own server, so if you want to see it ingame, I'll take care of it. Enjoy :)

Type: 5th rate frigate
Length of hulll: 53 (+bowsprit 23), (+transom and gaff boom 5) = 82 total length
Beam: 19
Height: 80
guns: 42
depth: 9
sail area: ~3500m²
crew: 250
speed: 15 knots
tons: 1500 metric
Hours: 40~

Do you want to see this ship in minecraft?
1. Get conquest for 1.7.10 http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/conquest-32x32/
2. Get optifine for 1.7.10 optifine.net/downloads
3. Contact me via PM or Skype
CreditTeam Lyrah
Progress100% complete

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