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Escape Room -By skycam

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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Hi! I'm skycam!

  I originally made this map as a challenge for friends of mine on discord with no intentions of releasing it but was convinced to post it here for others to enjoy. I designed and built most of the map in about 6 hours so if there are flaws or obvious ways around the intended methods of completion please do let me know. The map consists of 8 consecutive rooms containing challenges. Items obtained in previous rooms will be required in further rooms so search carefully and don't ignore small details. Every placed block and item you will obtain has a use and reason to be there so never discount a possible escape route. Every block is allowed to be broken however should your character die while completing this map it is considered a failure and you will need to reset the world. Enjoy!

  Should you find any obviously unintended escape routes or completion methods please let me know in the comments here or message me on discord at Skycam#7156. Feel free to let me know if you enjoy it or message me with any other feedback you may have.

  Before playing this map, make sure you are on Minecraft Java Edition version 1.18.1 and not using any custom resource pack or client features such as red-string or highlight-tripwire.

Most of all, please do HAVE FUN!

Roughly estimated playtime is 2-3 hours however this is based on a very small sample of my personal experience and that of my friends.

(If that discord account doesn't work try Skycam#3014 as sometimes I customize my discord #id)
Progress100% complete

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