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Eternal Ocean Regulation System - The End of the Ocean

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Noctuas Era's presents his first project & contest entry

Eternal Ocean Regulation System
The End of the Ocean

Our entry contains various organics and structures with interior designs that were imagined by Denzarou & E1000.
Please enjoy discovering this detailed map and try to find the place where the remainings of the first human expedition are...

Description content :


The Eternal Ocean Regulation System (E.O.R.S.)
is meant to control and maintain the balance in the entire ocean. The complex is based on the idea that all the water of the world flows through here in order to get the necessary treatment and purifcation.

The water purification is processed by several structures that will change the temperature, the PH level, the plankton, the mineral content and the pollution. The complex also generates powerful streams that will flow through the oceans. The whole complex is in constant evolution, it has it's own maintenance system in order to adapt to changes. A large system of observation releases the guardian of the complex if a threat is being detected.

Every aspect of this creation was meant to maintain the complex intact through time, in order to reach possible eternity. The Environment takes you to ancient times... We wanted to recreate an eternal underwater wonderland, a perfect blend of cold machinery and warm organics.


The Creation:

At the dawn of the Earth, when the life was only in experience stage, the planet was a massive Ocean...
Then one day an unexplained force of evolution appeared. It had planned to make the planet Earth a very large fauna and flora.  It decided to help this young planet by constructing something that would last forever. An eternal present that would help all life form to grow stronger and evolve in optimal conditions. The regulation system was then made. This system would adapt itself to every situation, it would repair itself, feed itself and be able to maintain the balance in the whole planet.
Evolution gave birth to a Brain Coral that would make all the decisions for the system.
Evolution choose to name a guardian that could reign over all the others and inspire terror in order to protect the system. Finally, everything was ready.

Millions of years passed and the system always worked. Even though the Earth suffered several climate disasters the system remained and kept protecting the oceans. A lot of creatures went extinct through the process. 

The Mankind Era :
Two big expeditions headed towards what was considered to be the "End of the Ocean", the place where no one ever came back from, a place that was geographically impossible, a place where the time had stopped. The first expedition disappeared mysteriously after entering the inner zone of the End of the Ocean. The only few information mankind has ever reached had been written by the Lieutenant Kurunak. The second expedition arrived today. The system have already detected the hammerhead shark submarine...

Structures & Design

The E.O.R.S. Complex works around a giant valve that swallows the entire water of the world and connects to the center of the ocean. Inside this valve lives The Predator S, the guardian of the complex. The water inside the main valve is released after the purification through the different machines of the system. To make the complex work the ones thatknew designed several machines inside the different structures of the complex. Every structure is connected with pipes, tunnels and connection systems. Acces to bigger structures are provided by a viaduc that works with a powerful stream that brings creatures and objects from one part of the complex to another.

-Piston Tower:
This tower is the main source of energy of the system. The helix in the top works with the natural currents and makes a valve system bring water inside the machine. The pression is accumulated and makes the piston work to generate more pression in the bottom of the machine, where a steam engine awaits. There the steam pression is channelled between the different pipes and is distributed to the next structure where the steam pression will make the structure work. There are 4 piston towers.

-Brain Decision Center:
The Coral Brain situated inside the building controls the whole complex by relaying his cerebral waves into a machine that passes the information to all the structures. It is here where all the decisions towards the Ocean are made. An atenna allows the communication between the Coral Brain and the different machines.

-Decision Relay:
A simple structure that relays the information from the Brain Decision Center. These 4 dome structures are next to the Piston Towers.

-The Coral Factory:
Inspired by the coral reef next to the building these two towers are the ones that create the different parts of the entire complex. The of the structure will synthesize small pieces that will grow each floor by electrolysis and then will be transported through the Viaduc.

-The Laboratory:
This giant building is in the center of the evolution of the complex. It possesses a lot of machines that processes the data collected and plans the best creatures adaptation options. Recently the humans have acquired massive destruction technology, capable of damaging the complex. The laboratory ordered the construction of a new structure that would be able to protect the whole complex from nuclear damage. In this laboratory the organics forms of the complex are also made, like the tentacles of the
Octopus Tower or the baby robot squids that repair the system. It also possesses an articulated arm and it's the lair of the Giant robot Squid.

-Giant Robot Squid:
A semi organic creature that would construct and repair the structures. This giant robot is assisted by tiny robot squids. The Giant Squid does 57 meters for the body and 40 meters for the tentacles. With his 10 tentacles it can easily build every kind of structure. It can also shoot a beam to join different parts together.

-Octopus Tower:
The tower possesses 8 tentacles and a main tower. Every tentacle collects natural chemical elements that are present in the ocean. Then the structure synthesizes a product that glows by chemiluminescence. This "light" is then condensed into the tower that will distribute light to every structure.

-Water Filter System:
To remove all microscopic elements like pollution, underwater volcanos, etc…The hermit-crab inspired building has developped inside a 3 different stages to purify the water: the Evaporation System, The Electrolysis System and The Carbon Filter.

-The Hot & the Cold Water Regulation System:
These structures are inspired by the veil of some lizards like the Dimetrodon. The water enters in the veil and through the veil it will reach the optimal temperature.

-Hot & Cold Water Valve System (also known as Spiral Birth Valve):
The water has to be released from the center of the Earth, and that's what these valves do. But this is not their main use. Just like the Main Valve, those accommodates some creatures made to protect the complex, like the Kronosaurus.

-Raffinery System & Mineral Extraction Tower:
These structures gather the main ressources from the ground and transforms them into material ready to use for the Coral Fabric.

-Energy Converter System:
This Building gathers the pression energy from the Piston Tower and converts it into mechanical energy.

-Seaweed Incubator:
The plankton is one of the many components of the ocean that is controlled by the complex. This building allows the plankton to
reproduce itself in order to gain the levels of plankton needed.

-Crusher system:
A giant crusher machine inside a shell inspired building. Every component that can't be used or every garbage attracted by the water ends up here, where it will be turned into dust.

Creatures References

Due to the high amount of pure oxygen and very good condition of the water, the flora and the fauna around the E.O.R.S. is a place like no other. Here the creatures from the past survived and kept growing, undisturbed by all the changes that happened in the rest of the ocean and on land. Ammonites and jellyfish spread around the area but these are not the only ones…

Warning: In the calculation of creature's size, we intend to apply the following scale of: 1 Block = 1 Meter

This antique arthropod from the Cambrian period spent millions of years adapting to finally evolve into a giant form of 43 meters (or 141 ft.). His adaptation to the environment led it to have a lot of different colours on his body. His antennas are very sensitive and can pick on a lot of airwaves.

Inspiration: Marella splendens

This pliosaurus is one of the residents of the system of protection. Even if their evolution made it bigger (66 meters or 216 ft.), their relatively small size allows them to swim between the buildings without causing any damage. He is currently nesting in the birth spiral valve.
Inspiration: Kronosaurus queenslandicus

This rare specimen of Mosasaurus had evolved into something terrifying: 126 meters from the head to the tail (413 ft.). The big tail of the Lakumasaurus suggest that this beast is made for big travels. It is said that every year the Lakumasaurus travels around the world just towards the end of the ocean for the mating season.
Inspiration: Lakumasaurus antarcticus.

-"Predator S" (Pliosaurus Eternus)
Inspired by the Pliosaurus Funkei also known as "Predator X", this specimen is unique. Created by the ones that created the E.O.R.S. in the dawn of the world, they needed something to protect their system from any intrusion. Meant to be the deadliest thing in the entire ocean and almost immortal, the Predator S is the closest thing to a Underwater God. Estimations says that his body could reach a total length of 500 meters or 1640 ft. (the head only does 100 meters and the head is supposed to be 1/5 of the body)!! Based on the original capacity of the Pliosaurus Funkei, the Pliosaurus Eternus should have approximately a bite force that would be more than 1 million pounds per square inch! Enough to destroy almost everything!
This God is only released when the detection system notices a threat. The Main Valve opens and the beast is awaken, after his job is done he will rest inside the system, close to the center of the earth. This process can stop his metabolism in order to prevent his growing and so, his death. That's why even if he is released every million year for an important threat, he can live up to several thousands of years...

[Little precision: the expectations regarding the bite force of the Pliosaurus Eternus are calculated from the difference of size between the original species (15m.) and our species (500m). We can see that the "Predator S" is 33 times more big than the "Predator X". And the bite force of the Predator X is approximately 33 000 pounds per square inch. If we multiply it by 33 we obtain approximately 1 million pounds per square inch, wich is pretty impressive.]

A big thanks to Raging_Asian who helped us set the server, the map and the different tools for us.

Thanks to PimAlink, former member of our team who helped decorating with us during the last 3 days of the making.

Thanks to all visitors who came during the making process, we truly appreciated your feedback!

Concept, Creation & Realisation : Denzarou & E1000

Server Managing : Raging_Asian

Project Cinematic : Enderworkbench

Screenshots : Denzarou

Renders by : Splekh & Denzarou

Terms of use

Do not :

- Claim this build as your own. 
- Use this build for commerical purpose.  
- Publish any image or video of the build without our permission.

Lieutenant Journal

Lt. Kurunak Entry 01 :

The captain has died... It is now my duty to describe why we have failed the expedition.
On our submarine radar we have located some strange airwaves that led us to one of the deepest points in the ocean. For some reason this part of the ocean was uncharted.

Lt. Kurunak Entry 02 :
After several days of search we found a giant complex of strange machinery, with crazy buildings that looked brand new even if the corals suggest that eons passed since the day they have been made… We have seen some of the most ancient creatures that we thought were extinct for millions of years...
Around 3:0 am, a terrifying sound woke up the entire crew... Then we saw something that even our nightmares could not describe… A giant beast emerged from what looked like the center of the complex and opened his massive jaws to swallow us! Judging by the size of the teeth and the jaws, this creature must be at least 400-500 meters long!! The crew didn't believe me, they say that it was the Kraken or even a Leviathan but I studied several mythologies and those creatures aren't even close to the size of what swallowed us…

Lt.Kurunak Entry 03:
During the fall our submarine broke, the captain died (that's where i started this journal) and the whole crew went crazy. We are trapped inside this beast and the worst is that we know that this beast is somehow in a place out of this world, the beast has fallen asleep, i can tell because the digestion processus has stopped. 

Lt. Kurunak Entry 04:
The beast woke up!! The acid slime inside his stomach splashed on my crew and my leg melted in the process... I tried to catalyze the agonizing pain I went through with some morphin... We are only 5 members left...

Lt. Kurunak Entry 05:
This is the end… i finnally understood why the beast is here… There is no more food... We had dolphin and kraken tentacles on the menu for the last three weeks...

Lt. Kurunak Entry 06 :
The Beast is the guardian, the beast makes the ocean work, we weren't supposed to find this place!! NEVER!!
No one must come and search for us! The beast is inside the system, if something comes close to the system it will awaken it! We are not the first to come… if you ever come here, the system will open and the beast will be released! And there isn't a single place in the whole ocean to hide from it…
so please… don't come…

CreditDenzarou, E1000, Raging_Asian, PimAlink
Progress100% complete

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02/24/2018 11:46 am
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Permission to use this in a Blender animation? It's amazing what you've done and it fits my idea for my "Flooded Realm"
12/02/2015 10:58 pm
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I was wondering if I could get your permission to make a youtube roleplay series on this map.
11/29/2015 8:20 pm
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This is incredible and the lore is very creative!
08/12/2015 10:21 pm
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Art Dei Tech
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Told you Splekh's the best xP
We both came far into the contest, actually I'm very surprised my project surpassed this. Congratz for the popularity and team effort. (y)
07/28/2015 5:59 pm
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Guaranteed top 10, I know that for a fact.
07/26/2015 10:53 pm
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Think the final product blows my project out the water like a sea mine ... ahaha well done guys looks crazzzzzzzy good, definatly top 3, tough competition though i guess, the  guy who built the craken looks epic, good luck, looking forward to what you guys do in the future and where youll be put in this competiton.
07/28/2015 7:16 am
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very nice entry but would probably have to be lucky for top 3 imho
07/27/2015 7:44 am
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Hi, thanks man! I'm sure your project will also be in the finalist, i really hope we see you there! Well for the Kraken i don't worry that much, we have way more content and even if the kraken is really well made and it made a big buzz our giant sea monster (full description available tonight) eats krakens and leviathans every day ;)
07/25/2015 9:43 am
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Top 3 obligé. Plus d'originalité que les autres (que des cités sous marines...) et le panel de matériaux/couleur est juste BEAU quoi ! Si votre project arrive moins que le top 3 c'est completement nawak. Bravo à vous ! See you soon. ^^
07/26/2015 7:49 am
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Merci! A bientot ! ;)
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