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Even Faster Horizontal Player Transportation

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avatar RedstoneFan1
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
Note: This design will likely be broken in 1.11 because the piston translocation bug was fixed.

Here is an even faster form of player transportation. This uses the same concept as my previous horizontal transportation, but I discovered a way to space the pistons out farther, and have it still work by taking advantage of the larger hitbox of boats. There is no mechanism to automatically return the boats to the start, but such a mechanism could probably be added, though you would have to take in account that the whole mechanism might not be always loaded if the transportation covers a long distance. I think this design goes 30 m/s. The size of this design is 11 wide, 60 deep (62 deep if you count the space the boat needs once it gets to the very end), 2 high (3 high if you count the space required for the player's head to avoid suffocation).
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